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Simply filling help

Hi yes that's correct! I'm on my second week and really enjoying it! Check out the simply filing thread on here, really helped get me started and lots of good tips etc. Hope I've helped good luck

Charley x
Got a couple of questions for you ladies.
I'm looking to start simply filling on thursday, after WI.
I've been doing pro points for near on 6 months now and lost just about 2 and a half stone, but I have found these past few weeks, as I get closer to goal, my losses have slowed a fair bit. I figure a week (to begin with) of SF might kick start something and get me closer to my christmas goal.

Anyway, I have a couple of questions I am hoping you could answer.

1) I know fish is pretty much free. I dont really like fish but I am trying to eat more of it because of the health benefits (and its low in points for when I am counting). Anyway, in my freezer I have some cod and tuna fillets that have sauce with them. You cook them for 25 mins and they are done. I prefer them to plain fish as the sauce disguises the taste of the fish. Ha.
Anyway, question is, the pp vaules are 4pp for cod and 5pp for tuna. This is including the sauce. So would I have to count them off my 49pp for SF? Or would you just count a couple of points for the sauce since the fish itself would be free....? Does that make sense?

2) a lot of the recipes on this section call for very lean mince (i plan on eating a lot of spag bol, chilli and such on this plan). Can I ask what mince you use? I cant find extra lean pork mince or chicken mince at all, and extra lean beef and turkey arent on the SF list. :(

3) what breads count as 'calorie controlled'?. Would wraps be ok? I'm hoping for some fajitas one night. ;)

Think thats all. I'm sure I will be back with more questions soon.

Anj. x
I know this is a long post but any help people? I'm starting tomorrow and could really use the mince question answering by someone.

Please. xx
Hi so sorry I saw ur message the other night and have been meaning to reply :(

The fish needs to be really taken as it's true propoints value I'm afraid; most of us on here use extra lean steak mince or extra lean beef mince but making sure u drain all excess fat off and u don't have it every night. People are still loosing even tho this may not be clear on the SF list :)
WW wraps, bagels and bread is all free so yes u can have fajitas one night too! If u can get ur head round this plan it really does work! Use these threads and the WW message boards for tips and ideas,

Don't forget u still have ur 49 weekly points; some split and have 7 a day, I take all 49 on a Saturday night for all my alcohol!! My biggest downfall :(

Any other Q's just give me a shout, here to help :) and very best of luck on ur first wk!!

Charley xx
Hi anj

I cant answer about the mince cause I only use quorn mince.

Someone asked before about breaded fish and if they should deduct the points for the fish and were advised just to point the whole thing so I suppose this is sort of the same although I see your point.

I rarely use bread now, prefering ww bagels and ww petite pain, but when I do I use nimble. The ww wraps are free on plan but I'm sure I read here that the tortilla ones aren't.
Hope this helps and good luck on Simply Filling x
Ahh crazy you got there seconds before me , ha ha x
Thanks very much.

Shame about the fish. Probably give it a miss til I go back to pp.

I've been losing well on pp, I just fancy a change. Also hoping to cut down on snacking.
I can't always find extra lean beef mince, so I use lean and drain all the fat off. Maybe an option? x
So do you count beef mince as free then, because it isn't in the book?
Ok cool. I might have it once or twice this week. :"

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