Single Milkyway Syns please

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Julianne_julz, 16 June 2009.

  1. Julianne_julz

    Julianne_julz Bears dont dig on dancin'

    Have gone out for the day and don't have SW website access on my phone, it just doesn't load properly gr! Can someone tell me the syns for milkyway please :) x
  2. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

    Milky Way
    16g funsize - 3.5
    26g snacksize - 6.0
    48g standard - 11.0
    52g twin bar - 12.0
    Milky Way Crispy Rolls
    25g bar - 6.5

    Milky Way Magic Stars
    12g bag - 3.5
    35g bag - 9.0

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