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Ppl do and you can, for me it doesnt work I save odd ones occasionally but if I had like 90-100 all in one go a few days before wi I'd never get any losses so I have mine bit each day. But try it for you some ppl are fine doing this. :)


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I prefer to use them daily but it is ok to save them. I did 2 weeks ago when I knew I needed more for a Sunday, I had low syns the other days and about 80 on the Sunday and lost 2.5lb that week :)


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Depends on when your weigh in is on I think....i can get away with having all my syns within Thurs Fri sat and sun and I have no syns on Mon tue and weigh in is on wed evening :)


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The official sw line on this is that you can as long as you are sure it won't make you feel deprived the rest of the week.
Some people though can't save syns as it affects their weight in (as above) others find its fine. The answer really is to try and see if it works for you. A good idea is to still use a small amount each day so you dont get the deprived feeling.


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I save most of mine for weekend and have a couple each day for salad cream with my lunch.

Works for me.... So far!