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Am i abnormal? I am beginning to wonder actually :D:D

My pre lipotrim days i used to be a size 22 :eek:, top and bottom so going shopping was quite easy,saying that i used to hate it-not much choice for fashion and being restricted to certain shops.

Since loosing all my weight,i love shopping (not sure my other half is as keen as it seems to be having some kind of effect on his bank balance ;))

I have found though i'm not the same size in everything? Anybody else like this? Not that i'm complaining of course, i love the "new"me and being able to shop in a wide range of shops and having so much more variety.

I now wear:
Dress-Size 14
Jeans-Size 14
Trousers-Size 12
Tops-Size 12
Skirts-Size 10 :eek::eek:

Oh and my boobs have completely disappeared :rolleyes:
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I will be skinny again!!!
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Yep, I have to try everything on first, I range from 10 - 12- 14 depending on the shop and the artical of clothing xxxxx


Getting thinner everyday!
Isn't it fab. It's great to suddenly find a new interest in clothes again and to look good in them.

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I also vary in sizes i need is strange lol


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Wierd isn't it?

I'm size 10 in tops and skirts. Size 12 in jeans and other trousers, full body swimsuits I'm size 14 :p


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I always found i was 2 sizes BIGGER in jeans but in trousers and skirts a 12-14,it is strange but rather that than size 26! lol


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It definitely depends on the shop. Primark are renowned as being the most stingy with their sizes. I need a 16 maybe even an 18 there whereas I'm a 14 in Sainsbury's, Asda, Tescos & M&S. A 12 in some tops! I found out today I can now wear 'small' - admittedly from Bon Marche - but what the hell ;) I've never been a small anything!! Matalan are quite stingy as well imo.

Wallis's sizes are generous - you can usually buy 2 sizes smaller than you would normally!

I'm getting a real kick out of enjoying trying things on ... I soooooo used to hate it :) xx


Here we go again!
I'm the same. I have clothes from a size 10 to a 14 now. I love my work trousers from bon march (even though I know they are generous sizes) cos they are a 10. Tried on 2 skirts in DP the other day, both size 12s. One fitted and I bought it and the other was hanging off me! Weird huh.

My boobs have disappeared too, I used to be a 42C now I'm a 34C. Oh well, at least I can wear pretty looking bras now!


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I'm loving shopping these days too :)
Have gone from a 24 to an 18, but definitely need to try things on. I can't wait for my bras to get smaller and smaller, that's always been a big issue for me (literally).

I don't go into too many high street shops just yet, as don't feel i'm quite comfortably an 18 - but that may be perceptions. I can be patient, I'm enjoying being an 18 for the first time in over 10 years for now!!


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Yes I have to agree with the various sizes, so now have to try everything on before I buy ;). I absolutely love clothes shopping now :p, something I have hated for years :eek:

I don't know about boobs disappearing! I could do with a few inches off, but after 46lb not even half an inch off them :sigh:. I have gone from a 38F to now a 34F soon to be a 32F and I still struggle to find pretty ones now.... although may wait till I get to goal before buying more, I have wasted enough cash for now :eek:


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Bras are a minefield as well!!!! I measure 36" immediately under the bust, 42" across the fullest part and yet I'm a 38D !!!! Was measured in La Senza and got a fab new black pluge bra...looks so good, I don't wanna wear a top...LOL!!!


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I used to know exactly what size I was in different shops (because I was different sizes in different shops! LOL!) but now I have to try on everything too? I still grin like a loony when I realise I'm a size 12 in trousers/jeans/skirts in every shop!! WHo-hoo!!! Still a 14-16 on top (so in dresses too) but thats because of my boobs- so I can't complain about that- and neither does my hubby! LOL!


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i take a dif size in every shop hahahahaha also my boobs have disapeared.. bought a size 10 dress in french connnection and it fits perfect on the waist but the chest part is way way to big!! they have gone completely hahaha:eek:


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What is annoying is being different sizes in ths same shop!
I have today (very proudly!!!) fitted into and bought my first pair of size 16 jeans in many years (Sainsburys) but another style didn't fit me in this size.

Bought size 18 shorts in Next, the 16s were laughably not close to fitting, haha.

Hellie Eds

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I must admit I have always found Nexts clothes to be a small fitting. But I to have to try things on which I love but not on seriously hot days like today not good for trying clothes.

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