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Skipping shakes??


bye bye belly
I wouldnt do it. I have been missing some, messing up but seriously, dont do it. You need the nutrients, vitamins etc youre not getting it elsewhere from other foods. Can you not space out your shakes?x
i cant stomach the shakes or soup and am really struggling 2 keep them down. its day 3 for me and i just hope it gets batter as my pallet gets used 2 the bland stuff lol. i dont feel hungry in the slightest wich is fab but i dread my next shake and yesturday had only one and today iv only just had my 1st at 6.30pm but i wouldnt suggest it. it has all the nutrients u need and so on but i totally understand ur pridicament

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Does anyone kno if it matters if I miss a shake a day?? I am getting about 3/4 of it down and not finishing the last 1/4. Will it affect my weight loss? Has anyone else been doing this?? Xx
Yes, it does matter. Big time! If you don't have all 3 shakes, you will get more tired and lethargic and more likely to cheat. Your metabolism will also slow down more which will make it harder to lose weight. Sorry to be so blunt, babe, but give it a few more days if you can. I didn't like the shakes at the start but I really look forward to them now. I mix mine with 350 - 400ml of ice cold water and that seems to dilute it more to my taste. Some people mix it with coffee or peppermint tea, etc. It may be worth experimenting?


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Its DANGEROUS to miss them, let alone to only be having one a day. Yur body is in a starvation-like mode, surviving on only the very basic of what it needs for its minimum functions. How is your heart supposed to beat with no fuel?? likewise for the liver n kidneys.. they need to ork to churn out the waste products and water and they will only go on for so long without fuel. Shakes are vital if not eating, if you cant drink them then for your health you need to get off the programme as its so dangerous in the longterm.. right now u are running on backed up stores, and tha cant last forever. Try mixing them with a sweetener.. they are lovely :) xx or make them thicker and drink water after??? xx
Hi jody it's really important unfortunately to get them all in. The earlier reply about metabolism and nutrients was bang on the money.
Different things work for different people ie I like to feel full after my shake so I mix it up to one litre. Maybe you could try and reduce the volume of water you are putting in and even though you still don't like the taste or whatever the reduced amount might leave it easier for you while still getting all the sachet in and just make up for the lost water.
I hope it gets easier for you!!!


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Thanks everyone for clearing that up!! Will try the tips tomorrow and hopefully will be on here telling u all I have drank all the shakes!! Xx
Thanks everyone for clearing that up!! Will try the tips tomorrow and hopefully will be on here telling u all I have drank all the shakes!! Xx
I hope you find a way to get used to them. i missed one yeserday (fell asleep 4pm and woke 7am today - ME flareup) and am feeling it today.


Sensibly losing :)
Jody, how you getting on hun? How many down the hatch today?? xx
Hey Donna,
Had 2 so far (and drank it all) and I'm about to have another in bit :( just holding my nose and getting them down in one! I'm not adding as much water too them so it's quicker to drink lol xx
You poor soul! Well done, babe. x :D


Sensibly losing :)
Awww bless ya!! :) Holding your nose!! LMAO!!! Have you tried the choc one HOT??? Whizz it up in the blender with a couple of sweetners, its like a really nice hot choc... and you can add coffee to the vanilla in the same way.. or whip em up in to a mousse??? or how about a litre of water per sachet to completely get rid of all flavour? LOL!!!! xx
Drink through a straw, hot or cold, keeps your nose away from the drink, and you can sip as fast or slow as you like. Try it, straws are like magic to me on this diet!

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