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Sky + or Virgin media box type thing ??

At the minute we have sky + which we have had for about 18 months and not had too many problems with, occaisonal 2-3 mins off end of programs but nothing to major.

As we are moving to Lincoln in December we are going to an area which has virgins version of sky + and they seem to do a very good package of phone, internet and tv.

Does anyone have any experience with virgins version or should we just stick to sky +

Any advice please, don`t want to be stuck with it for 12 months if its c**p.. x x
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Gone, but who cares huh
i have had some experience with virgin and its alll been bad lol, sky + however has been excellent, did you knwo you can alter the amount of time added to the programme, in the settings menu, so you wont get them bits missing, once your sky+box is set up properly you should be good to go,
No I didn`t know that,:eek: OMG !!! I can`t believe my hubby doesn`t know either lol... He is the ultimate techno geek :D ( only joking) but I shall take pleasure now in telling him something technical :D;)
I've never had much trouble with Virgin, we were with Telewest until they changed over. I've been thinking about reducing the monthly bills lately and was wondering whether Sky would work out better than Virgin for us, so I'll keep an eye on this thread. :D

Thanks for starting it Sarah. :D


has started again!!
Glad to hear SKy+ is good as we are thinking of getting it as a multiroom add-on, just before Xmas. We are not in a Virgin area (heck... we're not due t get Freeview until 2009 or later), and we cant even do the Sky package of tv, broadband & phone as our exchange is not unbundled yet!! (We now have a b/b package with Tiscali, 8m b/b, unlimited download and all landline calls inclusive for £20 a month. Seems ok to us & working well so far!

Great thread, too, thanks!


Gone fishing
We have v+ I heard that v+ and sky are much of a muchness;) We did have to have the box replaced, but otherwise don't have a problem. We are ntl/virgin everything and always found them trouble free.

Having said that, if you happen to have bought and used a Tivo when it was available in the UK, you will be hugely disappointed with both sky and v+.

I was warned. I ignored the warning. I'm disappointed:( Will tivo up in another room me thinks if I ever get the money to buy another tv.:rolleyes:
Think I may be a bit cheeky and play them off to see who offers the best deal.
I must admit I think the sky + is fab, but virgin seem to be doing some very good deals at the minute.
Thanks for everyones help.

:eek: ps My hubby didn`t know about setting it up for extra minutes ROFL
we had virgin media for 7years when it was telewest we loved it and then it changed to virgin and it was just mayhem losing channels and our phone getting disconnected we changed about 2 months after the virgin changeover with sky now :) cheaper telephone , internet and tv for about £40 a month love itt
Virgin does shave good deals but channels go missing and they spend alont on advertising Uma Thurman insted of re-newing contracts with the channel providers

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