Slightly nervous and feeling stupid!


Blimey whats going on in my head?

My husband is coming home on wednesday having been away for 7 weeks. I was only one week into LL when he left and had lost half a stone and by the time he arrives I estimate I will have lost a further 18lbs.

I am excited obviously at his return, its usual in our life for him to be away but its usually just a month.

He has never made an issue about my weight and says he loves me anyway, and I am losing weight for my own reasons not for him (just the way it should be)

I'm quite nervous at the thought of him seeing me after all this time, a good chunk smaller, but I'm also scared he might not notice any difference too ha ha, I will be devastated.

Feeling really silly because its not like I'm a newly wed or anything, we've been together 11 years and he has seen me from 9stone-13 stone (even more when pregnant!) I am around the 11 stone mark at the mo according to my own scales.

Yes yes I know I'm being stupid lol

I think it's fabulous - you get to share the brand new you with him, and he's gonna be so surprised!! :D Well done mate, and do let us know his reaction! ;)
Hi Ya
Your not being stupid at all. He is a huge part of your life, so it would be devastating if he didnt notice. But he will notice. I garantee you that he will. (Although with men you cant always depend on them to let you know that they notice, if you know that I mean)
Hi, I can understand your concern, we're all really ambivalent about this weight loss thing, we want people to notice, but it also means they're inferring that we were overweight before, which men know we don't want to hear. I know if it were me in your position then I'd be straight out with it, after the initial hugs and hellos I'd stand back, do a twirl and ask if he thought I looked thinner. That gives him permission to mention it and gets it out of the way, also drops the hint that he should take a look, men can be incredibly unobservant. Since my DH has realised I'm OK to talk about it he has voluntarily commented several times on how much slimmer I am looking.
oh how exciting hun.... of course he will see a difference!! Make sure you dress up all sexy for him so that he appreciates it even more!!

Have fun!
thanks girls, its true that men sometimes notice, but don't let on, I should make an effort to remember that. Also the point of letting him know its ok to say something as I hadn't thought of that!

As for dressing up sexy.... can I refer you to the 'lets talk about sex' thread on the cd forum....

ahem *blushes* followed by hysterical laughter in an 'I can't believe I posted that kind of way.....

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