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Slightly off topic: Neck size

hi all
i know its a bit of a weird one but i do feel i can ask you lovely peoples advice on most things :)
I really want one of those tiffany style silver t bar type necklaces with a heart , and I think my hubby is sick of me saying how much i like them everytime i see one , so he said he would buy me one for valentines day :)

like this one. if the picture works
but the one i really like is a 16 " chain and it seems most of them are, and Im just not sure they look ok on me , my neck measures about 14.5 -15 " :eek: i think so when ive tried one they sit quite high up, has anyone else got one , is this the way theyre meant to be worn or have i just got a very fat neck?! ..LOL. How big is everyone elses neck ?
I would say i am somewhere around a 14/16 dress size now, and i still have about 1.5 stones to lose, will i lose weight off my neck do you think or will it stay pretty much the same size ?
Im sure you probably all think im a sandwich short of a picnic to post this :D, but im just intrigued to know if i have a normal size neck for my size?LOL Does anyone know any good neck slimming exercises???:8855:
thanks (for humouring me and replying ) in advance
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Where's Skinny Minnie?
I don't know any neck slimming exercises - really made me laugh thinking of an aerobics class full of women doing chicken head bobbing - but when I was a size 24 I had to have 18" chains as my neck was bigger. I tend to lose from my top half first so my neck is pretty slim now (although the same can't be said for my butt lol) and I'm just going into a 14.
Depending on your weight spread then your neck could still get slimmer and so will your shoulders so that your collar bone stands out more (this will make the chain looser too) you should be fine with a 16". They are pretty, bet you can't wait til Valentines :) x
I used to work in a jewellers...and I've got one of those Tiffany heart necklaces! (I didn't work in Tiffany's though!)

I don't think you've got a fat neck! However, they do come up short at 16". They are meant to sit high on your neck, but when I was a size 16+ I couldn't wear it because it looked like a collar and was strangling me! That's also because it's chunky rather than a fine chain.

I think you will definitely lose a bit off your neck with the weight you've got to (lol @ littlebottle's image of neck exercise classes)

At the jewellers I worked in, I always advised a longer chain anyway, I thought it looked more flattering.

Some jewellers actually do make 18" versions of that necklace - it would be worth your OH doing some hunting to find one, I think!

What a lovely Valentine's pressie :) I love Nag-Power! lol!
Another idea would be to go into a jewellers and try on a necklace equivalent to the size you want...it would give you an idea without Hubby paying for something that you may not be able to wear straight away....although....another reason to stay on track!!! Lol


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I daredn't look at my neck, it reminds me of the tortoises on the credits of One Foot in the Grave :rotflmao:
haha i bet its now where near that bad.. ive got the theme song stuck in my head now!!!!


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I was lucky enough to get one of these when i was in new york for my birthday last year and when I came back to the UK I bought an 18 inch chain as a 16 inch looks like a choker on me!! You can buy the hearts by themselves and then buy the necklace seperate. In fact, I've got mine on in my profile picture!!
lol @ the chicken neck bobbing exercises.. might work.. lol . thanks for your replies ladies, I did try one in beaverbrooks and it was gorgeous, it didnt look like it was choking me, i think im just not used to wearing a necklace so high, when i was almost 7 stone heavier, i had to put all my pendants on 20" chains at least as even the 18" chains werent as low as i would have liked, but now they look too long so everytime i wear a different necklace, i have to keep swapping pendants onto my one and only 18" chain...LOL, i have def. lost weight off my neck, and i can see my collarbone and shoulderblades now, when they first started to appear i used to spend ages admiring them in the mirror! nutter that i am , but i just couldnt help being chuffed about it ..LOL


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I do that too!! lol
The only problem is that the faces you pull to get it to stand out more would definitely draw more attention than your collar bone :D x

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