Slightly OT - Cross trainers


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afternoon all, hope you all had a fantabulous xmas and are raring to go for the new year?!

I used to be a regular gym goer and stuck to the bikes, treadmill and free weights but I starting having problems with my hip/top of left glute - subsequently been to numerous physios and no one can fix it. So i stopped going to the gym (hence the weight gain and the reason im now on SW!) but want to start again to get fit and slim for the summer.

Can anyone advise on cross trainers? I've tried one once in the past but it just felt funny/unnatural on my legs - is this something you get use to?? As it's virtually no impact I think it would be great and is less likely to bring my funny pain back! Any advice appreciated x x
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Did they check out your sacro-iliac joint? and lumbar spine?
I used to use a cross trainer at the gym and they do take some getting used to. I was cr*p at going backwards.


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When I went to the gym the cross trainer was really the only thing I could go on that didn't put strain on my knees & hip joints.

It's really great at toning up all your tummy & bits.

I really ought to go back.......