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  1. dragonfly85

    dragonfly85 Member

    Hiya, just a quick question.

    I've now been on slim fast for 6 weeks and lost 24lb, which i'm pretty pleased about (as you can probably guess!!). I just wondered what experience people have of using slim fast as a long-term diet and whether the weight loss stays consistent or if people tend to reach a plateau after a while?? I've tried (and failed) on other diets before such as slimming world and weight watchers but this one just seems to work for me and i'm not getting bored on it yet which I tend to do pretty easily!!

    Anyway, if people could share any long-term successes to keep me spurred on i'd be grateful!!! Most people I talk to have done it either to shift a few extra pounds for an event or to kick start a diet

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  3. stickynicki

    stickynicki Full Member

    hi there first ov all well done,xxxxx i realy want to do slim fast be i carnt make up my mind between that and cambridge,could you please give me some tips,many thanks.xxxxxxx
  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    24lb in six weeks is excellent and it is great that you have found a diet that suits you.

    I would say stick with it, why would you change now seeing how happy you are with it and the results are brilliant?

    I think regardless of diet everyone hits plateaus from time to time...

    Hopefully someone who has done Slim Fast will be along shortly and be able to let you know more about how they found the diet long term.

    Once again well done on losing 24lb:happy096:

    Love Mini xxx
  5. FattyMcBigbum

    FattyMcBigbum Gold Member

    First of all well done on your loss so far you're doing great! x

    I did Slim Fast for 9 months before I got pregnant, I'd do a few weeks by the book and then do others half-arsed or not at all. In my experience the times I was doing the diet by the book my losses were consistant and almost predictable. One of my blog posts has my weekly losses in it if you wanna see how I did. After my last weight entry I didn't weigh myself again until I was about 12 weeks pregnant (the batteries had gone in my scales
    :giggle:) so I couldn't tell you how well I maintained :sigh2:

    What I think is so good about Slim Fast is that because you still have to calorie count and prepare your evening meal and snacks you're teaching yourself healthy eating and portion control which should in my opinion help with keeping the weight off once you hit your target weight.
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  6. dragonfly85

    dragonfly85 Member

    Thanks guys, i'm intending on staying on it for now, especially since i've just weighed in and lost another 5lb this lost over 2 stone woop!!

    Stickynicki - I wasn't sure which diet to do either, I was looking at doing Lipotrim (as my sister had some success on it last year) but thought i'd start off on slim fast, because a) it seemed cheaper, b) less effort and c) i wanted to see if I could actually use partial food replacement before going on a total food replacement. Slim Fast seems to be working for me though and i'm actually finding it quite easy so think i'll stick to it for now!!

  7. Zoe'licious

    Zoe'licious Member

    Hi i have only been on slim fast for 4 days. I look forward to my meal at night and have never eaten so much fruit! Well done! Hope i can be as successful. :)
  8. The Punisher

    The Punisher Full Member

    WOW! Congrats on the amazong weight loss so far.
    I've been thinking about giving SlimFast a go and reading about how much you've lost is definitely an inspiration! :D
  9. rachy1986

    rachy1986 Full Member

    Oh my goodness dragonfly!2 things-well done and Oh my goodness its not just me,I think my diet is going pretty easy too on the slimfast im finding it so bizarre how well it is working for me!
    All the best in maintaining too!
  10. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    Well done to all of you!!!
    ive been doing slim fast for about 9 weeks now (the last four i have been taking Dr prescribed tablets too) but its really easy for me too! and yes you ahve neever eaten so much fruit until you start this.. lol...

    well done on all accounts of weight loss for all of you who have posted on here.....
    ilove coming on here and seeing another person loose weight...

    if you havent already, join the November challenge (although we are half way through) and also the chrissy challenge!!!
    everyone is welcoem!
  11. Zoe'licious

    Zoe'licious Member

    what is the challenge? I need some inspiration... i had a meal out with work last night and without doubt exceeded 600 cals : (
  12. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    the challenges are you set an amount you wouild like to loose for the duration of say November or before christmas, and you work really hard at achieveing the goal...
  13. Zoe'licious

    Zoe'licious Member

    I would love to be able to loose a stone but i dont think its possible as i love socialising at X-mas and this means drinking & eating so i will contine on my forward path for now and in the new year really crack down. But good luck with everyone who is participating in the challenge. I had x3 107 calorie kitkats last night whilst watching Corronation street... naughty! : (
    Zoe xx
  14. louisebell26

    louisebell26 5 stone to go!

    dragonfly your doing amazing.. any tips? what kinda exersise are you doing? and what calories daily are you sticking too? some tips would be great.
    keep up the good work!..:D
  15. Rayven

    Rayven Addicted to Minimins!

    Since having my kids i've piled the weight back on but i did slimfast when i was younger to lose a lot of weight and i found the weight loss pretty much consistent, however, every so often i did find the weight loss would stop. I found the way to get over this was to have a week or so OFF the diet, go awol, eat what you may put a couple of pounds back on but it gives your metabolism a boost so that then when you go back on plan the weight starts falling off again.
    If you really don't want to go off plan (for fear of not being able to get back on) then exercise is the only other way to boost the weight loss again, but with that, once you start you HAVE to keep going. Going swimming 2/3 times a week, walking instead of taking the car. Everything helps.
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  16. Pink_Fluff

    Pink_Fluff Chocoholic

    I lost about 2 and a half stone on slimfast, worked really really well but then I hit a plateau. Started doing JUDDD which I'm finding easy to stick to but might go back to slimfast again at some point. Well done everyone on you weight loss!
  17. louisebell26

    louisebell26 5 stone to go!

    yeah iv reached a plateau now i think so ive sorted with my doctor and im going to start lipotrim itl be hard but going to do it for a little while anyways..think ill do it for about two months or so then maintain and come back to slimfast if i need to.
  18. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    oooh im so excited to start my slimfast :) x

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