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Slim Sharrie's (one day I hope!!) Diary

S: 13st4lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st4lb(2.15%)

On the advice of Dave (laddiesboy) I thought I would take the plunge and start a diary in the hope that it will stir me into action and get my life sorted out!!:eek:

I am 14 stone 2 1/2 lb and am at my heaviest! Life hasn't been great these last 8 months, but I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and start living!

So today starts with my umpteenth attempt at getting my life back in order.

I also need to stop grabbing for the wine bottle thinking it will make things easier - it is nice at the time but it makes me depressed, I can see this now, so need to stop as it is not helping the situation:(

Food for today will be:

Breakfast: erm not very good at having any but I have brought to work mullerlites and fruit so will have that in a mo.
Lunch: homemade sweet potato, butternut squash and red pepper soup or jacket potato with baked beans and 1oz of cheese (or I could even have both!)
Tea: cheese & tomato omelette and beans

Syns will probably be hot chocolate.

I will post tomorrow (honestly) if I make a [email protected] up of things - I need to start being honest with myself and face up to reality:mad:

Thanks for listening - I am hoping I can look back at this diary and see just how far I have come (hopefully)!
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Slim Sharrie...I was delighted to see you've started your diary, it took a bit of persuading for me to start one too but I'm glad I have.

I hope your head is in the right place and that you're feeling positive. Have you done slimming world before? I think you said you had, so good luck with your day today. Maybe a good thing to do is to just take one day at a time and not look ahead and think that you'll fail, and once the weight starts coming off it will be enough of a boost so that you have the confidence to believe in yourself.

Boy, do I sound serious lol...and I'm really not. I hope you have some close friends and family who are able to give you some support especially with the rough year you've had.

So, to lighten up, do you have favourite dishes you like or are looking forward to having. My current favourite is still egg and chips - I don't even feel like I'm dieting when I'm eating them!

Anyway I hope you have a good day at work and look forward to you posting again soon :)
S: 13st4lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st4lb(2.15%)
Hi Marie

Thanks for your kind comments and words of wisdom! I know what I need to do, so just need to get my head down and do it!! Easier said than done sometimes :confused:

I have done SW loads of times... I don't know why I am messing about, because I really enjoy it when I get in to it and it is soo easy, I don't look at it as being a diet, more like healthy eating!

I have lots of favourite dishes but egg and chips cannot be beaten:D

I do have some close friends I can talk to but my family are all up north, I wish I was closer to them but oh well.

Anyway, have just eaten my jacket potato, beans and 1oz cheese and am feeling very full.

Here's to a good first day:fingerscrossed:
S: 13st4lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st4lb(2.15%)
Hi Marie

Yes first day went very well 100% SW and probably used 6 syns if that and definately no wine!!:D

Feeling a bit brighter today, I think this diary will help me to keep focus and I will join a class when I am ready I think.

Today, apart from breakfast as I had a mullerlite yoghurt, I have used flexi syns as I have been at a conference which involved lunch - I had planned for this, so I am okay about it and will try and not use too many syns during the following days to cover it.

Tea tonight will be shephards pie made with HEA & B of reduced fat cheese melted on top of mash.

Tomorrow I am having lunch out with friends which has been planned for months in advance so will try and be careful but it is at an Italian, so... but apart from lunch I will be 100% SW - well that's the plan!! ;)

I had better do some work, so speak again tomorrow if not before. x
So glad you're feeling a bit brighter - you definitely sound a lot more positive :)

At least you're aware of the days when you're going to encounter some problems and trying to work it into the plan. I really hope you get a good result this week. I guess I'm lucky in a way because I don't have many days where I have to try to work around the plan, although of course it's also sad because it means I don't have much of a social life lol.

I do have my son's 21st coming up soon though and am still undecided whether or not to just enjoy myself and let my hair down or try to stay to plan. I'm probably going to go with the former as it is just one day and I really would like some cocktails more than anything. I'm just scared stiff I'll instantly put on a stone :D

Have a good lunch tomorrow :)
S: 13st4lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st4lb(2.15%)

Yesterday was a success, apart from non SW at lunch, which I had already planned as a flexi lunch the rest of the day was 100% SW with shepherds pie in the evening and drinks were coffee and diet coke, so yay another evening of no wine!!

Breakfast today was mullelite and banana

For lunch I had my flexi meal out of pasta, but instead of chosing a creamy carbonara which I always do, I chose a tomato based one, although it did have sliced choritzo which left it a bit greasy, but it was nice...

Tonight will be the left overs of last nights shephards pie.

So... all is going well so far, 2 flexi meals, which I was prepared for, then the rest 100% SW. I don't have any other obstacles to climb (other than weekend, and the usual wine issue) so hopefully I can keep on track, then weigh in on Tuesday.

I feel a lot brighter and a bit more positive that I can keep this momentum going.

Hope everybody else is having a good day.


I ♥ Slimming World :)
S: 24st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 13st12lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 7st0lb(29.17%)
Hi slim sharrie,

Glad to see you're finding the diary writing a positive experience, and well done for managing to fit SW into things - I have the same troubles some times with my shifts at work.

Have you been having your HEa (one or two) and HEb (two)? I'm just checking as it doesn't seem obvious to me in your foodie posts.

Keep up the good work :D:D
S: 13st4lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st4lb(2.15%)
Hi Dave

Thanks for sending me a message. I have now moved over to posting in the food diary section, as I think this will be more beneficial at the moment. Don't want to bore people with all my woes lol :jelous:

I tend to do mainly extra easy days hence only having 1 hea and 1 heb.

Check out my food diary - any comments would be gratefully received :D

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