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SlimFast Help


in my dreams!!!!!!
:confused: :wave_cry: Hey everyone, im all sparkly new to the SlimFast diet as I only started 2 days ago, and so far everything had been fine, until today. Today I have stomache ache and diarreah :cry:
I dont know whether to stop the diet or keep going or what ??
Anyone got any advice for me?
hi charliefar, stick with it, i had similar symptons but then it sorts itself out. i think its the shock of eating what you like which is why we're overweight and then going to 2 shakes and a meal. My body thought i had cut my head off! :8855:

drink plenty of water which not only helps the diet but also keeps the hunger pains away.

good luck x

I went the other way. At the end of the first week I thought I was going to explode. I also had the most dreadful wind and had to keep leaving the room, I get very cross with my 10 year old son for demonstrating his prowess in the parping department;) so felt I had to hide this sort of activity from him! I would say it took about 4 days to get comfortable again.

Hi charliefar :) I think it takes everyone a while to adjust, the probelm I had was wind! Got so bad I thought about quitting! My sons and hubby thought it was hysterical! :8855: But everything settled down after about a week.


What doesn't kill me.....
As I was munching on my slimfast snack bar yesterday.... I was reading the box, and noticed at the very bottom it said "Over consumption can have a laxative effect". I was like :eek:!

Anyway... Things like that usually sort themselves out. Maybe try to add a fiber suppliment to help regulate things... banana are supposed to help with that too. :)



Is feeling the love!
I've had wind using slim fast too, I didn't mind that but my tummy got quite bloated. My hubby suggested drinking water, I did and it cleared very quickly.
However my 2 year old hear mummy doing "Trumpet Trousers" thinks it's the funniest thing he's ever heard.! :p:8855:
I get bloated but water does help. x

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