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Slimming and the menopause.


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Are there any post menopausal slimmers on here, if so how do you find your weight loss going?
I am 54 and suffer a lot of hot flushes mainly in the evenings; the weight seems to come off just the same as before the menopause, but having said that I do have a very active life, so maybe that has something to do with it.
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Hello, im 40 and had full hysterectomy 3mths ago, they said i would have the menopause alot sooner, as im younger this is a worry, i havent had trouble as yet, however feel i have to do more exercise and stick to the plan 100% it was alot easier for me to lose weight 5yrs ago, but saying that im not giving up....lol


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I started menopause when I was 45.
I didn't think I was going to go through it as I had a hysterectomy when I was 29 but as they left my ovaries, I found out that I would.
I thought I was going through depression as I could not stop crying and feeling totally miserable. That's when the doc told me that I was going through menopause!
I was given HRT and was fine after that.
When I first joined SW 7 years ago I was on the HRT and my weight loss was always ok. I have just looked through my book and I have lost exactly the same amount in the same period.
Before menopause and before SW I was a yo-yo dieter so I can't say if I lost more.
I have been told that menopause should not effect weight loss and I don't think it has. I am alsoa couch potato and the only exercise I do is the walks to and from the bus stop so I am not active.
I stopped HRT a couple of years ago as the negative reports scared me.
I think I am over it now, though on the very odd occasion I get a hot flush.
I guess it deponds on the person as we are all different. I do think that weight loss slows down a little as we get older but I am a slow loser anyway! I have never lost large amounts except when I did some stupid crash diet but the weight always came straight back.
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A blood test has confirmed that I have completed the menopause.
I didn't have any hot flushes and only a few night sweats BUT for about 18 months the weight wouldn't shift despite dieting. This year has seen me moving the weight again and I'm almost at target.
Like everything, the menopause probably affects different people in different ways, but I definitelt think that for me my weight loss suffered and I had to work hard just to not put weight back on.
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Hi Ladies,

I am 31 but have been given medication to put my body into menopause for 6 months. Although I have been told that it won't affect my weightloss all the information I have read has told me that menopausal women hold weight around their middle.

Hot flushes and mood swings for me have been disastrous even though I am taking HRT. Comfort eating is something I have had to be really aware of! I exercise loads and typically lose about 1/2lb per week.

Good luck on your journey.


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If I come off SW plan for one meal out i either stay the same weight or gain. I am a very slow looser ie half a pound a week but at least it is shifting now. the lead up to the menopause was worse for me. the weight would not budge

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