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Extra Easy Slimming World - 11 weigh ins and 1st 10.5lb down! Target for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by danniixxo, 24 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. danniixxo

    danniixxo Member

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    Slimming World
    11 Weigh ins, and i've lost 1st 10.5lb (was 11.5lb but i had my first gain this week with 1lb on :( !) Hoping to get that off and more this week, but my motivation went last night and i had my first mcdonalds in 3 months - i hated it! i also had a sandwich from tesco (healthy living one) and some of my friends pringles, then i ate a toblerone too! im so naughty and bad!!
    anyone have any tips for me to keep motivated? i'm very annoyed.
    i'm also in the process of trying to conceive and every month i get excited because i'm late (sorry if tmi) and then it comes.. disappointing, i think i need to be at my target at least ( i may be reducing it once i get there) to conceive..

    enjoy your weightloss journeys!
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  3. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

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    Slimming world
    Try not to dwell on it, just draw a line under it and carry on. Think about your reasons for wanting to lose weight in the first place. Do you have a diary? I find it really good for keeping me motivated xx
  4. Elanor

    Elanor Silver Member

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    CC with SW principles
    I agree with maitaiblue. We all have bad days, I have learnt that it is just one day, and there is always the next day to get back on it. Like my consultant says, if you have one bad flower out of a bunch of 7, you don't throw out the whole bunch. So forget the bad day, and move on to the next :) I am just getting over a bad couple of weeks, I have started keeping a food diary and so far it is helping to keep me focussed, but I have only been 100% back on plan for 2 days!

    Also, remember that you are still eating healthier than maybe you once were, losing weight is an annoyingly long process, but no matter how scenic the journey, the outcome will be worth it.

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