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  1. mumble84

    mumble84 New Member

    Hello Everyone

    I have been looking through the forum for weeks at hints tips etc and its great so thanks.

    Ive been back on SW for around 8-10 weeks and have lost just over a stone.

    I have been exercising to help as I have a few disorders that I struggle with that stop me loosing so much weight so thought to help exercise would be the way forward.

    Im enjoying the feeling and loosing weight which feels great but it makes me hungry as my body needs sugar always has and have low sugar moments.

    Today after my exercise I felt so weak and like I was going to pass out so ate a yoghurt quick.

    Does anyone have any tips or ideas where im going wrong here with the exercise or ideas for foods that will make me feel better.


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  3. Beckieee

    Beckieee Silver Member


    I know the feeling, I come home from the gym starving haha :( try a banana about 10 mins before starting exercise, tends to keep me going ok :)
  4. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Eat carbs before the gym to fuel your activity and protein afterwards to help with muscle repair. There are a lot of good articles online with suggestions for what to eat and many will fit with SW eg porridge, toast, past, meats etc
  5. lellykins88

    lellykins88 Bear-nana

    I always found that chopped banana with fat free yoghurt all over it kept me going - sometimes id crush up a Weetabix and have that on top too!!

    Good Luck!! xx

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