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slimming world at home? how do you find it?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by sweetypie1, 23 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member

    Hi all,

    Iv been a slimming world member with a few weeks now and my weight loss has been slow... for reasons that I am aware of but if started to take control of this now. Anyways, I'm wondering how do people manage slimming world on their own at home? I think €9 can be a bit of a waste to stand in a scales and walk out again... especially when I can find support and get advice on this. I love reading what other slimmers have been eating and so on. Don't get me wrong, I love slimming world :):) but I'd like some insight into doing it at home :):)
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  3. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hi Ashling
    I do sw at home and always have done. As I've not attended group i can't really say whether its worth the money or not- all i know is i dont have the money to go! As im self employed and a ft student i can't make the weekly commitment.
    I think groups would be good to share tips and ideas and for the motivation/support, but im happy enough trawling through the threads on here for this.
    My losses are steady (bad wk this wk but nothing im unaware of) though it would be nice to buy the books from group!
    Rosie x
  4. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Hiya I do SW at home and personally I don't struggle.

    For me I don't find any benefit from going to a class, but I do have you lovely people from minimins which for me is my SW group :)

    I think if you're not getting anything from group and you're confident that you can stay on plan at home then I wouldn't bother going. I'd save the money and use it as my kitty fund for new outfits.
  5. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    I'm a SW online member so I still pay, but don't go to group. I feel a group would be a waste of my time as I would pay to be weighed and leave. But I wanted to join SW to get the official explanation of everything and get the magazine subscription and recipe books.

    I am finding it fantastic and well worth the money.
  6. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member

    Thanks for that guys :) I never stay for the chat in the group because I don't drive , my lift would be going mad in the car haha :p so literally get weighed and leave. I'll stick with it for another few weeks because my weight loss is slow but know why so I ow how to get on track. I think I would be able for it at home, especially now with this. Iv support here and I can read just how successful slimmers are doing it :):) thanks everyone :)
  7. Viixenx

    Viixenx ~*Here I go again on my own*~

    I started at a group but I really didnt get on with my consultant, I couldnt join any others because of work commitments, so i started at home, but I found myself losing motivation quite quickly, I just liked the buzz of hearing - whatever out loud I guess. So for me, personally, I found doing it at home didnt work for me, and ive found another group I can be a part of now. :)
  8. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member

    Hi viixenx , I'm worried that I might lose motivation if I do it at home. I guess I'll just wait and see now :)
  9. Viixenx

    Viixenx ~*Here I go again on my own*~

    See how it goes I guess! It worked for my friend, so I guess it just depends on yourself really! Id def plan meals in advance though!
  10. LairocseLady

    LairocseLady Full Member

    I joined online last year but to be honest the only motivation I had from online sw was a weekly email to tell me to weigh in. I got all the information I needed syns list super free foods and the healthy extras I've saved them to my computer but also printed them out for handiness sake.

    I find this site more useful and helpful than the official site. Once you understand the concept of sw. I have also joined a few challenges on this site for motivation but my biggest motivation is wanting to reach my goal. I also started running since starting sw again I was always a Walker and found myself making excuses not to go but I am loving running and don't make any excuse not to go.
    I find with doing an exercise you enjoy makes losing weight and sticking to plan easier as you're not so quick to ruin all your hard work :thumbup:
  11. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    I'm doing SW online from home as I just can't stand the whole group thing - the clapping, the hanging about waiting to be weighed, the cliques and so on.

    I'm motivated to succeed and this place is amazing for support and help.
  12. Revy

    Revy Full Member

    I didn't really like the group thing, since restarting this Feb I've been going it alone :) I have recently joined online but after the 3 months is up, I can't continue. I have the most up to date books and have done great so far though, this week threw me off a bit with Easter but I've found more motivation, recipes and ideas here than at group and have lost 23lbs so far :D
  13. nat_bean

    nat_bean Full Member

    I joined online, rather than going to group as it was easier for me

    I paid for 3 months and have all the tools so I won't be renewing it. I've found that there's not enough support by doing it online. However using this forum has helped me and I am always learning new things.

    good luck on your journey :D
  14. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member

    i started sw at home adn this week i lost 4 lbs :) booked my holiday to santa ponza so thats my motivation :):)
  15. lt52

    lt52 Silver Member

    Hi - I've been doing Slimming World from home for 4 months (since January 2nd) and I've lost 3stone 8lbs so far on my own. To be fair to get all the information and bits, my sister supports me with information as she goes to the meetings and weekly weigh ins. I always follow the plan apart from twice a week, Tuesday night is pizza night and Saturday night is Mexican night. I am always conscious that it is only the one meal on both days that takes me off plan, the rest of the day is strictly followed. I am strict on both days counting wraps and pizza bases as a B Option (I know it is waaaaay over the allowance - but don't have anything in addition) and with A Option - used for Cheese on both (again waaaay over but I don't have any additionally).

    With me, if I didn't have them as 'treats' that are off plan I wouldn't stick to the Slimming World rules and would fail quite miserably. I do need my chocolate fixes and do have them regularly and would recommend to anyone that if you want something try and find a way of having it so it gets the craving away. If you want chocolate be strict with syns on your meals and keep 5 syns out for a Freddo!

    Just recently (over Easter) I did have a few days off plan. I had a day drinking cocktails with extended family and I did have an Easter Egg over that day and the following where I went over. I didn't put on anything only maintained that week and the following week, but I felt it was well deserved and I had been doing so well without going over.

    The most I have lost in a week was 7lbs and the least was simply maintaining weight. Luckily this week I am still losing, so 2lbs moved again.

    I also support weight loss with a little exercise at least 30 minutes a day (and a little more for those two naughty days!!!), its simple and easy, just like slimming world, walking at home (American woman Leslie) videos off youtube. This really does help and makes a difference.

    I now feel so happy with my weight and want to keep it that way. I think I could easily have a treat day once in every few weeks so my body doesn't simply continue to get used to the rules of the plan and it can be shaken up a bit so to speak. I think I have plateaued and will simply maintain or loose a few pounds and possibly even put on now, which I am happy with as it will keep me motivated to continue and stick around the weight I am now. I fit into men's Large clothes easily (which I haven't been in for so long, only XL).

    Hope this helps people and support making positive choices,
    Lee :)

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