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could anyone help me. its my second day on sw diet and im currently doing the free diet on the sw website. i cant afford to join sw yet or order the books off ebay so was wondering whether anyone has any old or un wanted books they could send me as i really wanna stick to this diet but really dont have a clue what im doing.thanks:)
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SW are currently doing half price membership, therefore you could go for one week - which will cost £9.50 - and then do it from home.

Alternatively, do you know 4 other people who want to start? If 5 people go together the get their 1st week free xx

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Another suggestion...have you looked at the diary pages on here yet to get some ideas?
I always post one Monday to Friday religiously to give you some ideas.
Good luck with your journey and dont forget, you can always ask for advice on here.



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I have added this into another thread... What about the Slimming World magazine, there are loads of recipes in there plus a 7 day kickstart plan which should give you lots of ideas..
To be honest, this diet needs some financial investmenet, whether it is a weekly class or buying the books !


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I think Woman magazine had a free membership offer at the moment, so you could join and get the books then carry on from home.


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if you buy this weeks woman mag, you only pay £4.50 on your first night, and you will get everything!