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Slimming World disaster!

Hello all, i join you from my slimming world disater.

After losing over a stone calorie counting i joined slimming world as i got bored of counting. it made me put all the weight back on. BOOO!!!

so here i am, starting on calories and the counting and its difficult to start again after gorging on so much food.

Help, what do i need to do to re-motivate myself?
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I just think that my body was not used to such ahuge intake of food, the calories were just too may. iwas on 1200 calories and tehn suddenly all the pasta, rice pulses and protein i wanted.
I think you're probably correct about that ... if you'd been living on 1200 calories a day for a while, the somewhat higher intake on SW may have contributed to a gain. It's a trade-off with SW, really - the freedom from calorie counting versus maybe a slower overall weight loss. I've done both, had many, many failed attempts at calorie counting which just left me heavier each time, and formed a pattern of deprivation/bingeing that took years of my life.

Personally I'm eternally grateful to SW for teaching me how to eat healthily and take control of myself. If it works for you it's really a brilliant thing. But it's not for everyone. I think some people need the security of knowing exactly how much energy they're taking in, and I think calorie counting, if you can stick with it, is probably the most efficient/quickest way to lose weight.

Maybe stay with cc to lose your weight, then look again at the SW plan for maintaining it? It's a great way of learning to eat healthily for life, fantastic for maintaining. :)


I want to be fitter again
I still do slimming world as a basis but I have more cereal than they suggest in the morning to keep me going. Every 4th day i go onto myfitnesspal.com and check what my calorie intake is doing. I had slowed down to a virtual stop as i neared my target but by reducing my intake to three meals and only fruit or veg in between it keeps my calories at around 1200 - 1500 each day.x
Sorry you didn't seem to get on with SW. I agree with Elizabeth - sw is a really healthy way to eat and teaches you a lot. However, there's one thing I've found - you can't eat as much as you want. You have to eat until you're satisfied. These two things often aren't the same thing!

Some people don't agree with it, but I do SW and have also recently started keeping a track of calories too. I use myfitnesspal.com on my iphone and online. I have found that my cals on a normal SW day average between 1200 and 1500 and I am steadily losing. I've always been quite a slow loser on SW, but as I'm getting closer to target it's getting harder and harder. I am hoping that keeping round the 1200 mark will help me get to goal.

I have gone off on a tangent! What I'm saying is, try giving SW another go. It really does work. If you keep an eye on your cals as well, you can eat really healthily at the same time :)
Thank you all for your feedback. i think i will stick to CC for now, but after having unlimited foods im having to rain myself about what 'hunger' actually feels like. its starnge how easy it is to fall into old habits.

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