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Slimming world help???

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Sarah_Ruiz1986, 24 April 2011 Social URL.

  1. Sarah_Ruiz1986

    Sarah_Ruiz1986 New Member

    Hey guys!! :) i was a member of slimming world few months back but quit because i was really struggling with extra easy. I Only eat broccoli and eat no other veg or salad any suggestions or help i would like to start again as i did lose 9.5 lb in a month?
    Thanks guys :)
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  3. lolacola

    lolacola Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    Yeah I sometimes struggle with EE and I pretty much love all veg except brocolli!! :D

    What about doing red and green days? I know it can be a bit daunting when you have gotten used to EE, to think about learning the ways of another TWO plans, but it's worth trying.

    I started off on EE and do red and green mostly now, with the occasional EE at the weekend when I can plan it properly to ensure I'm definitely having at least one third superfree.
  4. Sarah_Ruiz1986

    Sarah_Ruiz1986 New Member

    I might have to try that thankyou for your helps jusy need to dig my books out lol :)
  5. sarah5298a1

    sarah5298a1 Silver Member

    slimming world
    hi i used to struggle with EE trying to have a third SF foods at each meal - my consultant said not to worry about each meal but about the total intake of food over the day - as long as over the day 1 third is superfree that should be fine - i snack on a lot of fruit and have fruit salads a lot so its surprising how much SF food u actually eat. also if u do something like a chilli or bolognese u can add SF food really easy - onions, mushrooms, grated carrot - u can't taste it - my other half hates veg and i'm always sneaking stuff in a bolognese u cant really taste the veg because of the sauce - also the tinned toms, passata is SF xx
  6. determinator

    determinator Banned

    I loved extra easy but did struggle with the 1/3 suer free sometimes , although i normally had mushrooms with everything as i love them and made loads of dishes with tinned tomatoes which count too ... I now do just red days and LOVE it ... i find it so muh easier and especially love the fact i can have 2 of each healthy extra :) I plan to do the odd EE when I want chilli and rice etc but am sticking to red for now :)
    May be worth thinking about some red and green days for you too ?
  7. Clareel

    Clareel Gold Member

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    I strugggled with EE as well, not because I don't understand it but because I don't always want 1/3 superfree with my meal.

    I'm back on good old green and red now and they seem to be working for me. Give them a try maybe?

    Best of luck x
  8. RegField

    RegField Silver Member

    Have another look at the long list of vegetables in your book - is there really nothing else that you like? Have you tried them all?

    Eating fruit and vegetables is not just an Extra Easy rule - it is something we should all be doing for the good of our health.

    If you like broccoli, what about cauliflower? It is similar. Well, similar to me anyway, in that I don't really like either of them!

    What about stir-fried or roasted vegetables? Much nicer (to my taste) than boiled or steamed.
  9. sarah5298a1

    sarah5298a1 Silver Member

    slimming world
    stir fry is lovely with sw chips, u could bulk up your stir fry with brocolli which is very nice stir fried, also many veggies are nice roasted instead of boiled differnt flavour. i never used to eat any veg at all until i was 18 nearly 12 years ago my housemate made me try some and i loved it, there is still a few i dont like but i constantly try them as your tastes change - i now can eat one sprout!!! lol. and carrot and cauliflower are nice raw x
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