slimming world myths and facts


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so ive just seen someone post online that slimming world have put up a "myths and misconceptions" page on their website saying whether or not we can class things such as smash pizza as free, but because i am not technically a member i cant see the actual page, it just redirects me to the home page instead.
i understand about not eating the "lasagne crisps" or "couscous cake" etc, but just wondering if anybody who is a member online has seen anything on there that we arent supposed to be doing? i know a lot of people make the smash pizza for example, so hoping its still free?
any advice or info would be appreciated
thankyou in advance xxxxx
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I do have to say here though, that I discussed Smash Pizza with my consultant. I don't eat Smash Pizza as a snack. I don't eat an entire Smash Pizza. I will eat 1/5 of a Smash Pizza (split between myself, hubby and 3 kids), with a small amount of chips and lots of superfree, as a main meal, and I will always syn the cheese at 5.5syns per 1/5 of pizza.
My consultant then said, as long as it's part of a main meal, and not cutting down on your superfree, then it is indeed free food. Each to their own, though. In fairness, if you're not losing weight, these tweaks are probably why. I wouldn't make a Smash Pizza more than about once a month, as it's only really like a fake-away, when you're craving the real thing.


S: 11st5.0lb C: 11st2.0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st3lb(1.89%)
thanks for the reply!
totally agree with you there,
sometimes we all start off with tweaks and then as we get to our target we have to cut the tweaks out! xxxxx