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slimming world online Vs classes - books and online access

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by serenade2014, 3 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. serenade2014

    serenade2014 Member

    Did slimming world a couple of years back and decided to give it another go, I am swaying between online or classes:

    free membership with Woman magazine or £35 off online

    Books - if I joined Gold membership online are they the same as you are given in class?

    online access - I remember in class being given an online access pin, is this still the case and how long is it valid for? thinking to maybe joinup in class go the once and get the books but then would I still have access to online if I didn't go back or do they suspend access?

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  3. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member

    Hi they suspend access after a few weeks of not weighing in.
  4. Target12

    Target12 Full Member

    Hi, double check this but I think the 12 week prepaid countdown available in class is less money or similar money (especially as joining is free at the mo with a voucher in woman apparently) than the online membership - even the basic one.

    If you did that you could go to classes if/when you want to or feel you would benefit from it. You get the online access when you join through group. You don't really lose out by not going obviously apart from the group/consultant support if you value it.

    I do find I do better when I go to group. I've joined a few times then left to do it at home and no matter how well I'm doing it's only a matter of time (not much either usually!) before I fall off. That's just me though.

    I think there's a thread on here for SWers from home. Depends on the person but def works for some people.
  5. serenade2014

    serenade2014 Member

    Thanks for the replies

    I thought they might suspend the online access if you don't turn up for a few weeks.

    It is going to be difficult commiting to everyweek, ideally I would want to go the first week - get the books and then join online
  6. pudnpie

    pudnpie Silver Member

    Hi I joined yesterday online using the Women voucher. It cost £49.95 for three month which made it about the same as going to class if you buy a countdown. I wouldn't bother with the Gold Membership. They give you downloads which you can print out which are exactly the same as the books. If you want the magazines then Silver would be more economical because it only works out at 71p per issue.
  7. serenade2014

    serenade2014 Member

    Thanks for the reply, am assuming the downloads are exactly the same as the stuff they give in the first class?
  8. pudnpie

    pudnpie Silver Member

    From what can remember yes, they look exactly the same to me. There's the instructions, the free foods etc, the Healthy Extras and the Syns and you can print off a diary too and the Green and Red Days separately. I cannot see downloads for the Body Magic book but all the info is online and you can either download a FIT log or record it online. I think there was also another little book with motivational stuff in and again there is no download for that though there is a section on the web site with articles. I was debating whether to go with the Gold plan but I am glad I didn't.
  9. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Full Member

    I've just joined the bronze pack I already had the books from going to group earlier in the year and I subscribe for mags on my iPad . I can weigh in on a Saturday too which makes my weekends easier,

    Good luck with what you decide

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