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Slimming World - Online


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Was just wondering if anyone on here does the sw online instead of going to the groups? I can't always get to the groups so don't want to sign up then miss a week (to have to pay for it) then go the next week. I was looking at the silver package for £65 and wondered if anyone can reccommend it? Also can you still go to the groups as well?
Thank you :)
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The Big One
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I'm a silver member. You get access to all the healthy extra, syns and free food details of the plan as well as lots of recipes, food diary, success stories etc. You'll get all the info you need to get on with it. If you renew after your first 3 months you will also get it at a cheaper rate than £65. You are not able to go to class as well though. Good luck!


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I am doing the online plan, its a bit confusing with no where to ask questions so I do feel like I am stumbling around a bit, If I could get to classes I would as that you you have some back up. Thank goodness we can ask someone here.

Harebell Fairy

I am an online member too but have to say I wont be re subscribing. I got all the info I need an there is so many recipes and info on here that I think it's a waste of money for me to keep subscribing.

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Atomic pink

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I am an online member as I really didn't fancy going to groups but felt I had got about as far as I could with things on here.

I definitely think the website could be better designed but having access to the syn calculator and syns online really is invaluable. I have the syn directory but it is sometimes next to impossible to find things in there. I am not sure what I will do long term but I certainly wouldn't be without access to the website for a good while. I just renewed and I think it worked out about £3.40 a week.

Qua Sae

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I'm an online member & I've renewed once.. A 3 month subscription cost me £45, so a decent discount :)

I won't be renewing it again though. I just don't have the money to do it so I'm taking the info I need from it now, ready for when it runs out in June. I think once you've got the jist of it, you don't need it so much. :)


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I might be doing something wrong with the syns calculator as so far I looked up 2 fairly common things and nothing came up so had to enter both by hand. Have ordered the book so hope that will help when it arrives. Have a number of old ones at home too just need to find them and the recepie books I had.


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I'm an online member (and have been for almost 9 months) and I love it. I wouldn't dream of letting my subscription go. I don't use the site that much but probably at least 2 or 3 times a week and knowing that I have to input my weight weekly helps.

Zellka - it takes a little while to get good at looking stuff up on syns online - I agree that it's not always that user friendly but stick with it. I quite like the book too but tend to use the website on the whole. Happy to help if I can.

Good luck everyone.

Gail x
I tried online, but sometimes it frustrates me so much I want to eat chocolate to calm down! Maybe I'm using it wrong, but I don't seem to find a lot of things - Pringles it had a hard time finding, cereals seem to be listed in weight rather than alphabetical order, and I couldn't find suggestions for a picnic, despite knowing from minimins there was an article on there.

I dunno, I just find the group, book and minimins to be the perfect combo. I guess I like the social interaction and the fact that if I haven't lost that week, I feel accountable to someone! I almost feel like I let the whole group down if I don't do it.

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