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Slimming world, rice pudding question?

Hi i am new to this site so i apologize if i am posting in the wrong place or anything!

I am just starting my 3rd week of slimming world and i am still getting my head around it!

I am doing only green days as i don't really eat much meat and i have been making rice pudding using normal rice instead of pudding rice which tastes just as good by the way and adding around 100 ml of my daily milk allowance plus around 6 tbsp of sweetner (into the pan not a bowl lol) and i love it! I eat it almost every day and my question is i know it is free foods plus HEA for the milk but is it possible to eat too much of it? Is a bowl full a day too much, and if so what would you recommend to be a sensible amount? :)

I lost 3lbs my 1st week and i have stayed the same my second week which i am quite worried about, has anyone else experienced this? I don't know if i should change anything and if so what to change. I do half an hour to an hour 5 days a week at the gym, is this too much or too less maybe?

Sorry i have added more questions other than the rice pudding one, i am trying so hard to get my head around this!

Thankyou xx
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i think you could be retaining water if your exercising loads.. as for staying the same maybe your body is just ajusting, i didnt get much off my second week.. so dw too much, i think it sounds like your doing fine. I dont see why eating a bowl full a day should slow you down.. at the end of the day sweetner and rice is free and your using milk from your HE so.. its no diff from eating porridge everyday??!! your just saving ur HEB..

dont fret untill you see what happens on your next w.i

any more Q just ask.. or you could write a food diary and we'l take alook?

Thankyou for replying :)

Im glad to hear that about the rice as i love it haha!

I dont actually go to a class but do it with the help of my partners mum who goes to a group, she has given me some books and i also go on the website.

Here is an example :

Brek = Weetabix (B) Milk (A) Banana (i have same brek almost every day!)

Snack = Rice pudding. Grapes. Jam = 1 syn.

Lunch = Pasta and meat free mince (0.5 syns) Mullerlight yogurt.

Snack = 2 alpen bars (B)

Tea = Jacket potato, beans and cottage cheese. Fruit and low fat fromage frais.

And then maybe have more fruit or another mullerlight later on if feeling hungry.

Is it possible to eat too many mullerlight cos there has been some days when i have had 3 of those!! :confused:

Also i sometimes use another HEA as milk for rice pudding cos like it milky lol.

Most days i have around 2 syns and others, usualy weekend, 8 syns, is this ok?

I am only wanting to lose around a stone but i am mainly doing this as a healthy eating plan because i was putting on weight and eating really badly, having lots of chocolate and cakes and biscuits and not enough fruit and veg lol.
Today the syns i have had, well am having right now actually lol are a drink of skinny cow hot choc = 2 syns and a freddo = 5.5 syns. I am having a chocolate craving haha but i havnt had any choc this week so have earned it hehe :) oh and i have some jelly made up for later = 1 syn lol. This sounds quite bad actually lol but i have been waiting for the weekend to treat myself hehe :)


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I have only been at SW for two weeks myself first week i lost 3.5lbs this week i only lost 1/2lb annoyed me abit but hopefully this week will b different
I have only been at SW for two weeks myself first week i lost 3.5lbs this week i only lost 1/2lb annoyed me abit but hopefully this week will b different
I am glad it seems normal then to not lose asmuch weight the second week, however if the next time i weigh myself i havnt lost much or nothing at all i think i will have a look at my food diary and try and work out where im going wrong.

I am a little worried that only doing green days may affect my weight loss but i know that if i did a red day i would starve cos i dont really like meat. Do you think it is ok to do only green days? Has anyone done only green days and still lost weight?

I heard that you have to make sure you are never hungry as if you do get hungry your body will store more fat, is this true?
haha, i know what you mean about mullerlights.. i eat so many .. i know they'r free.. so there for you can eat as many as you like but there gets a point when you wonder if youv eaten enough for them to count as syns LOL

i think your doing fine :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ooh thankyou starlight i didn't realise there was a SW section! emm how do i find it? Sorry im not very good with a site until i get used to it lol.

Lol fern i know what you mean, i start to feel gulity after eating the second one haha! I know they're free but surely there must be a stop point haha! It's a good job chocolate is high syns otherwise i'd be eating loads of that lol. I am a bit of a choc-o-holic lol so ive been making chocolate cake 3.5 syns per slice, it is yummy my saviour haha! Have you heard of the recipe? If not i will be happy to post it :)
oo post post. Cant say no to chocky cake.. surely at some point eating vanilla and choc sprinkles non stop the chock must add up??? :p lolx
Yeah exactly lol we will just have to eat more of the toffee ones hehe :) Theyre my faves :)

Chocolate cake recipe. Serves 6.
21 syns whole cake! 3.5 a slice.

100g bran flakes
250ml boiling water
2 eggs
6 heaped tsp drinkin chocolate
half cup sweetner

Pour hot water onto bran flakes and mix.

Add eggs, drinking choc & sweetner and beat until ingerdiants are thouroghly combined.

Put into microwavable dish and put into microwave on high for 6 minutes.

Turn out onto a plate and cut into 6 slices.

I sometimes use it as a B choice (the bran flakes) and then its only 2 syns (for the hot choc)

I have also heard of 5 weetabix been used instead of bran flakes but have not tried it this way yet so not sure how that tastes, probably just the same though.

I sometimes have 2 slices a day its so yummy :)
Haha i do like the peach but i prefer the toffee hehe :)
I am tempted to have one now lol but i won't cos i already had a freddo and a hot choc drink in the last couple of hours haha!

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