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Slimming World. Should i should'nt i?

have tried to do Cambridge diet twice now, unsuccessfully, which surprised me as i can go all day without food which i know is wrong, but typical woman i am when i know i can't have something it make s me more determined to have it!
I also found that emotionally it is having an effect on me, i could seriously have smashed all the crockery in the house yesterday and was spurring for a row with anyone who came near!!

I have recently lost my grandfather just last week and unfortunatley i cannot attend the funeral as i run my own company and with it being the BH weekend i have to go in to do the wages so i feel quite guilty about this as the funeral is Tuesday.

CD is playing havoc with my social life but i keep thinking well being slim is more important but, then do i want to be slim and miserable? ooh i don't know.The top and bottom of it is you need to have alot of will power and be focused to do Cambridge and at the mo emotionally i am not there.

My dilemma is i am 15st 8lbs and go away in May 16th. Ideally i want to lose 3 stone and know Cambridge will give me those results but don t want to waste time trying to do something i can t stick to ( have wasted 2 weeks already).

I can t decide weather to do slimming world or ww? I have done both, and lost. i lost more with ww but at the time had just had my daughter was walking for miles aday , not working and doing 2 workout vids everyday!! liked ww but found it was to easy to stray and waste my points on unhealthy stuff.Enjoyed slimming world but felt my appetite increased as i would eat a big pan of veg chilli not coz i was hungry but because i could.

Which plan would any of you suggest to get the weight off as quick as

i am very confused and stressed. any advice will be gladly recieved.
Many thanks in advance

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wannabe yummy mummy
At the end of the day hun its always going to come down to ndividual choice - sorry not much help am I? Just wanted to send you big hugs though X
Hi Elaine,

Sorry to hear about your loss and your fragile emotional state at the moment. Right now isn't the best time to be dieting but it is a good time to start feeling healthy and get your wellbeing back on track, plus healthy food = healthy mind, better moods and like you said, you don't want to waste time. And CD isn't really a 'healthy' way of life...
You might get fast results on CD or even WW, but overall you're going to get long term better results with SW simply due to the fact that you will stick to it for longer and are less likely to have a binge (this is from my personal experience anyway.) I am a binger but on SW at least I can eat loads of, say, pasta or cottage cheese to take the edge of whereas with WW you're a bit more restricted.
I think SW, but as fatfighter said, it is personal preference.

I hope you make the right desicion but if you do choose SW remember you can come on here and chat anytime, I haven't been doing SW that long but the support on here is tremendous.

best wishes, Rosie xx
Hiya babe,
Accept my condolences with the loss of your grandad, and your doing the right thing by trying to lose the weight.

I do think losing 3stone by May is feat in itself! im going to Spain on the 6th of may and to be honest im 15st 1 now and id be happy to lose 1st by then hun.

On a personal note i lose weight quicker with SW simply because if i know i have used all my points up i crave food, but with slimming world if i know i can eat i tend not to want as much, plus SW is so much easier to follow when your on holiday.

Im going to try and stick to the plan when im away even if it means i at least food optimise on the majority of things.....wont be hard to do, im just not going to indulge in things which make me feel like poo afterwards which ends up in a total binge out on holiday on not only desserts but crap like bacon burgers, cheese burgers and chips. yuk!

Good luck and let us all kbnow what plan you decide to follow.
Ruthy xxx
All I can say is I love SW eating plan it just suits my lifestyle so well and works as I lost over 2 stone a few years back good luck whatever you decide xxx
Hi all,
Thanks for your replies and advice, think i will be joining slimming world next week on the Wednesday they have a class that suits. I have the books from before so will probably start on Mondaywhen i get back from my weekend away as i know the basics. CD is not for me . My friend who is also on it has alot of weight to lose and lost 15lb in the first week, but this week lost 4lb, which is still great but considering it is the second week and you have eaten nothing and drank only water, well its not that much. When i did SW last time i @ 4lb per week for the first month and did not feel like i was dieting. You are alright and CD is a quick fix, you need to change your lifetstyle otherwise it all goes back on.
I intend on coming on this forum everynight if thats ok for advice and ideas, and to keep me focused.

Hope you all have a good weekend, will post again Monday night when i get back.

Without a doubt CD will get the fastest results but its whether you can stick to it. SW and WW are both fantastic diets but which works best really depends very much on the person & your lifestyle. Personally I need the discipline of WW. I like being able to eat anything at all and to know when to stop, I think if I was on SW Id just eat constantly lol Saying that my pal is doing SW and loves it as shes a grazer. Its just totally dependant on what you think will work best.

Whatever you decide on, best of luck :)

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