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slimming world vs weight watchers

gym bunny

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hi everyone i am currently a slimming world member and have been for about 1yr and a half. i have been feeling a bit fed up and bored with food. i was thinking of switching to weight watchers and i am getting confused.
are there different plans that you can follow? i.e pro points and simply filling?
and if so what are these plans ? and on the pro points what are daily and weekly points?
i use to be a ww member years go i have experianced the points system, core plan and for a short while the discover plan but many years ago. if anyone can help me and answere my questions i would be very gratefull. my slimming world membership runs out on the 28/12/11 so i would be starting this in the new year. many thanks .
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Hiya hon. Yes there are different plans. Discover is the old plan... Some people still like to follow that as its familiar to them and still works for them. The new plan is propoints.
Simply Filling is very similar to slimming world actually where you eat certain "free" foods until you're full and then you have 49 points a week to use on anything not included on the filling list (kinda like syns).
Propoints, you are allocated a daily point allowance, 29 is minimum but this is changing to 26 soon (some people aren't losing on 29 but because I still am, I'm not changing). You calculate your point allowance based on height, weight, age & gender. You then eat & drink that point allowance worth of food per day. You work out the points of foods (generally with a WW calculator or app) using the nutritional info (protein, carbs, fat & fibre). No food is off limits ;) It sounds complicated but becomes second hand fairly quickly. Some foods are 0pp such as fruit and most veg (but not peas, sweetcorn, potatoes, avocados etc.). Weekly points are great for making the plan feel like you've more freedom. Everyone gets 49 per week (this might change in the new year so definitely wait till then to join ;) ) to use how they like. You can use them everyday or all in one day or not at all.
Feel free to ask any questions... X

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