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hi i'm confused?????...i'm desperate to lose weight but canot get on track at all scince xmas alone i have joined slimming world twice and ww 3 times(crazy i know)my heart and belly wants to stick to slimming world but my head tells me ww is the way to go...i know deep down slimming world works but have a mental block that tells me you cannot eat like that and lose weight!!!anyway i joined back to ww on wed and havent done the diet scince???why you ask well as i said i cannot get on track and to be honest its making me feel like i'm going crazy???its embarrasing i feel like my friends and husband must think i'm mad wasting money and talking about it but not actually doing it however lying in bed last night i came to a descion that i would join slimming world on wed morn instead of going back to ww my reason being i love food and have what can i say a "v.healty appetite"..is this the right descion or am i wasting more money time and heartache at the scales???hopefully this forum will help keep my mind focused and give me the strength to lose the weight 3 and a half stone is what i need to lose and alot of that i have gradually put on while supposadly being on "my diet".......apart from that i feel like a terrible rolemodel for my kids they see the torment i go through at the hands of food....not good!!! anyway by the way my names debbie and if you had'nt guessed i do babble on and love to chatter lol xx
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Hi Debbie, welcome to the forum. It sounds like you need to get your head straight and your body will then follow! Maybe you could read some books about being overweight, some people recommend Paul McKenna - I can make you thin. I've been on ww before, but always felt hungry and deprived, so I'm hoping I'll be able to stick with sw for the long haul and actually achieve my target this time. I like sw because if you're hungry you can eat, instead of running out of points by lunchtime and facing the prospect of egg white omelettes and green veg the rest of the day. You can eat loads on sw and still lose weight because it's a low fat diet and what your body doesn't get in fat it has to take from your reserves. Do you stay to the meetings after weigh in? It sounds like you need a slimming buddy, so you can have a little healthy competition to see who loses the most weight each week, and someone who will understand and keep you motivated. Good luck, you can do it this time!


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Hi hun I know where you are coming from .In the past I would decide to go on a diet then within a few hours I would of popped to morrisons and bought cream cake /cheese cake /pavlover it was as if something was making me fail .I dont have any answers for you just that you are not on your own .dont know what made me change but dont give up trying.Your day for everthing to click into place is coming a little extra will power ,and the right plan is all thats needed .Hope the support from everyone on here and your family helps you on your journey xxxx


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Hi missymoos&mrmagoosmum,


i know deep down slimming world works but have a mental block that tells me you cannot eat like that and lose weight!!!anyway i joined back to ww on wed and havent done the diet scince???
If Slimming World works for you then this is the one for you to stick with and make a commitment to do it for x amount of time to give the diet and yourself some time for it to work and for you to believe in yourself once again that you can lose weight.

Start a diary and write down what you eat each day and this will give you a record to see how you are doing and what you might need to adjust either up or down.

We all get confused and overwhelmed when our weight seems impossible to shift and it becomes a case of can't see the wood for the trees..

Set yourself up a weight ticker to track your weight loss and post on here for support and to share in our weight loss journey with you.:)


Love Mini xxx


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Hi Debbie, I am also crap at dieting and SW is the only one that has ever worked for me, I have been on it for 4 years and lost nearly 4 stone. The way I keep focussed is by having a 'day off' every Thursday, the day after WI then get back onto it on Friday til Wednesday. Having that day off to look forward to keeps me going through the week and gives me something to look forward to. Welcome to the forum and good luck rejoining SW. Stay to the class after WI and get to know the other members, you will get all the extra support you need from here x
Hi hun, you can do it this time because you know deep down you want to and need to. Ive tried loads of weird and wonderful diets, none of them worked. Even horrible tablets I got from the doctor had not effect on me. I have done WW too, its a great diet but didnt work for me maybe because I like to eat more the 22 points a day or my head was not in the right place at that time.
I love SW for the simple fact that its easy to follow once you get into it and I can eat tons of stuff and still lose weight. I honestly cant recommend this website enough, i actually think if I had'nt found it 4 weeks ago that i'd be back to my old ways and eatting enough rubbish for a small village.
If you mix sw with a wee bit of exercise the weight and inches will fly off you. Ive now lost over a stone and (just measured my waist) 5.5 inches off my waist. ive dropped a dress size and I wore a top the other day to work that didnt fit me last month. I could have cried with happiness.
You can do it this time hun!:hug99:
a big thankyou for you support x

:):):):)wow thankyou all for your positive responses they have made me feel soooooo much better:):):):)well ladies i think i may have found my soloution to my slimming problems.......you guys xx
i will go to my local slimming world class on wednesday and hopefully start on my path to slimming success:):):):)again thankyou and i will keep you updated xx


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Hi hun I have had a bit of a long blip since xmas too. I now weigh more than before xmas even though I have been going to class every week. Dont worry hun I promise we can all do it together SW is fab once you get your head round it and get your self track.:)
hey there sis, glad you joined the forum, you get great support and you know I'm always here for you. You even got me thinking of switching from ww to slimming world. hope you realising that you not alone and there's loads of people going through the same thing too. Guess our future conversations will now be about red and green days, was getting bored of talking bout points anyway lol. you can do it, go girl xxxxxxxxx
We're all in it together if you want to lose 10lbs or 10 stone :grouphugg:
The important thing is definitely to find a diet which works for you and one you can stick to. Until your head is in the right place you can go from diet to diet and nothing will work.

Sounds like your hearts not really in WW, but if you know SW works for you then give it another go.

You cant really say one is better than the other or one works better than the other, its a choice thing. I tried SW and lasted a few days on it and absolutely hated it, it just wasnt for me. Whereas WW is the one that works as far as Im concerned. Other people have tried WW and hated it and swear by SW.

Bottom line is - the both work, its just a case of finding out which one will work best for you :)
Hi and welcome, ww does work for some, its like any diet really, if u stick to it u lose weight. I go to class on a wed with all good intentions and by friday i am being naughty again... But this week I thought "why I am doing this ?I go to class pay 4.50 sit with everyone who are doing fab!!!! so from now on I will succeed"!!!!:D


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You are so right SM1D, any diet will work if you stick to it, the trick is to find the diet you feel that you can stick to
Have a sit down and have a think about yourself, are real heart to heart.
Write down what makes you go for the tub of ice cream or packet of biscuits....is it stress?, do you eat naughty food when your happy?
Im one of these people who eats crap when they are happy and nothing when im stressed, but also when i was younger i used to eat mars bars by the dozen when my parents got divorced, it used to make me feel better.....give me high....and that resulted in me eating more to maintain the high. I went to see my GP about it who sent me to see a Psychologist who specialises in many things but specifically with food. He taught me to not to turn to food when i was down and its worked.......infact its gone the other way.......i eat when im content!
What ever diet you decide to do i wish you all the luck in the world.
If you need any answers im sure one of us will be able to help you.

All the best

Ruth yxxx
Thats Sooo True To Me I Said Too My Sister The Other Day I'm Not Miserable Enough To Slim?? Weird I Know But Thats What I Felt The Thing Is I'm A Happy Contented Person 99% Of The Time Therefore Find It Hard To Limit Myself To Food And Drink(love A Bottle Of The Old Vino)i Feel Happy And Content In My Life And Sometimes Feel If I Were Miserable I Could Be Strict On Myself??? But Deep Down I Know I Desperately Want To Lose The Weight For A Number Of Reasons *so I Can Take My Kids Swimming As This I Wont Do At The Minute(bad Mom Lol) *wont Dread A Night Out With The Girls(i Spend Most Sat Nights In Fluffy Pj's Watchin Tv With A Glass Of Wine N Munchies)* I Have Confidence To Get A Job When My Youngest Starts School In Sept.......the List Goes On So I Do Want To Lose The Weight So I Can Live My Life Too The Max Hopefully The Foods You Eat On Sw Will Help Me Achieve This And The Support Given On This Sight :)
As I Said In My First Post Though Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Going Crazy I Tell Myself For Gods Sake Women Just Do It So Fingers Crossed I Wont B Telling Myself That Anymore This Time I'm Gunna Get A Grip And Do It!!!!!!!!
In future as far as Weightwatchers is concerned, as well as the Points Plan there is also the Core Plan. You don't count points but eat a low fat healthy diet, made up mainly unprocessed foods, but the point is it works on the principle of "If you are hungry then eat something."

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