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Hello, I am new to this site so don't really know if I am doing this right:)

I joined slimming world around 14 months ago and had been doing well, just finding it hard to get back into it and need a boost please

Hi there.
There is a slimming world thread below if you scroll down. come say hello! Youll find all the motivation and boost you need there.:D


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Hey, im new to all this too... i joined slimming world 3 weeks ago, ive lost 6lbs :) im well chuffed... keep in touch! :) x


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Hiya and welcome. Good luck


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:) i joined slimming world on wednesday, so still getting used to it all :)


Thanxyou diamond what's the ee option, an well done for losing 6 lbs keep up the good work, I will be starting tomorrow


Want to shift some weight
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Started a week ago and lost 5 lbs. Such an easy diet.


Want to shift some weight
S: 19st8.5lb C: 17st6.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 35.1 Loss: 2st2lb(10.93%)
Well done muis, wat hav you been eating, il be starting tomorrow

I am not very good with food diaries, but I am sticking to:
syn free soups
baked beans, salad and baked potato
syn free sausages, veg and potato
spagetti hoops
burgers made of syn free meat. syned the bun. salad and veg
0% fat greek yogard
Loads of different fruit

I need 3 meals and 3 snacks. Carry syn free snacks like fruit with me to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I also allow myself a bag of buttons a day(if i want it) 4.5 syns.

I try and walk more.

Give yourself time to get into the diet. takesa while to get your head around it and to empty your cupboards of the old you food. I gave away some of the food that was too high in syns to absorb into my diet. Other foods I fed to my husband;-)