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Slipped and fell....

Was at my massage class earlier. Class went really well, but it takes a lot out of you. (You'd be surprised.)
On the way home, I felt so weak that twice I started walking towards a fast-food joint, and both times I pulled myself away.

Then while waiting for the tram, I got a phone call from a friend who wanted to go for beers and watch the rugby. And I knew I was in no state to go out and drink water. I was so weak I really should have gone home and had two lipotrim and gone to bed.

Instead I went to the pub, had some indian food and some beers...

I feel like crap now. Not just hunger-sated, (which I do) but bloated, as if my stomach had already shrunk quite a bit.

And of course there's the guilt. Even while I was eating, I was hating it.

And then, on the heels of the guilt, there's the fear. The fear that every single time I've tried Lipotrim, I've slipped. And found it virtually impossible to get back on the program after slipping.

I wish someone could kick my ass good and hard, right about now. :(
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Aww john, (kicks john in the ass)

Don't be to hard on yourself, you knew you were doing wrong and moments of weakness happen, your only human.

Just try and get back on track and pretend it didnt happen. You are doing really well, this is a tough diet if your head and body are not in sync.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon ;)
oh dear, as eveyone has said at some point to others we are only human. You have done it now just get back on the shakes tomoz it was a blip, iv had them and so ahve others. chin up bud :)
We all do it, just get back onto it tomorrow, no good regretting it just accept its happened and pinch yourself hard next time you start to waver and remember how it made you feel.
John, what's done is done and can't be changed just make sure you learn from this and get straight back on. At least you can stop at that. Keep drinking the water and don't give up! You have done so well so far that it would be unworthy of you to let yourself go on eating. You are a strong person and have offered a lot of good advice on this board - give yourself some of that plain talking and remember how bad you are feeling now when you feel tempted again.

(Was that enough tough love?)

Good luck hun.

Hiya John,

We all done something that we shouldnt have but its best not to dwell on it, learn from it and move on. It is hard getting started again but remember why ya are doing this in the first place, it has to be for ya!! Chin up hun and lets get ya on the motivation wagon again. I am in this for the long haul with about 110lbs to lose so if ya need a buddy just let me know and we can do it together, take care

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I've done it too we're human at the end of the day. Just try really hard to get back on it you're doing too well to stop now! XX


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This diet goes against the laws of nature, its tough! And as people have said we are human, we are trying to defy natural instincts to eat!

Actually physically in the first week or so, it can be horrible. I was feeling faint, dizzy and even a bit breathless. As part of my tattooing training, I took a beauty therapy course, and your'e right massaging someone can be a killer! Especially if they are a little large. Its a lot of hard work. Just wondering if you have a shake directly before you go? This might help?

All you have done is given into the laws of nature, you worked hard physically and your body needed fuel.

The guilt you associate with this is probably a bigger problem than the eating itself. have a good look at those feelings. Was it you that you felt you let down? or someone else? Was it facing your pharmacist or us on the board that made you feel guilty? This is YOUR journey, no one elses and the guilt you feel will only make it worse for you in the future.

When I had to refeed, then ate bacon I had to really look at why I felt guilty. As usual for me, it was because I didn't want to let others down. It seems i still don't care enough about myself to be bothered about letting me down.

There is absolutely nothing you can do about it. But what you can do, is put it behind you. Because if it starts to fester in your mind, the next time you feel like that, you will say oh what the heck.

Find your real objective for doing this, and use this board for support. Celebrate your victories and don't dwell on the blips.

But most of all don't fall down the guilt trap it will do you more harm than eating a curry.

Good luck and keep talking on here, its what we are all here for to stick together and give each other encouragement :)
Consider that ass well and truly kicked.
I cant really add anything other that what has already been said above, but next time you are tempted to go boozing and eating, just try to think how guilty, bad, horrible, bloated and deflated that you feel at the moment.
Straight back on it now, draw a line well and truly under what you have done. Try and exercise just a little bit more to undo some of what you have done.
Tomorrow is another day hun, we all have blips from time to time. Good luck.
dont worry bout it mate

if you really wanna do this just start a fresh new one today

no giving in any more i know its tempting i was tempted lastnight but stuck with it and feel great about it
im really good at kickin ass!! I have big enough legs too!!
Dont be hard on yourself John, you know what you would say to someone else if they had done. Nothing can change it now. You can get back on it, this mistake will make you stronger and be part of your LT route. We are all gonna have our ups and downs along the way, but we are gonna get there!!


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Aww John *kicks ass* Dont beat yourself up, just foregt about it, as hough it never happened, and continue on to your next weigh in, early nights, and avoid any tempting situations possible, especially when you know how weak your feeling x

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