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small/large dilemma?

Hi thought I would talk about a male issue for a refreshing change, to cheer some of you up and those with struggling diet problems!
Well now, I have lost weight some what as my progess chart shows. Now I can look downward and I can see my old mate Charlie with one eye,:eek:besides possibly needing an hair cut he's looking rather good for his age, he as an healthy glow and if my eyes dont decieve me he seems to have grown 1 and 1/2" or so, and do you know what he looks well for it. As im sure you understand I have only seen him through the mirror on the odd occasion I could bring myself to look into it:sigh:.
So this is where you come in to give me some advice ..............
Firstly do I buy larger underwear to accommodate such a good freind or smaller, for what would be a visually grand display.;)
And secondly what hair cut ie bald, a number 1 or 2, short back and sides or maybe even dread locks.:D
Hopefully you can help I just dont know who else to speak to?:confused:
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lol. Wow, dont know what to say. I thought us girls went in to too much detail, but i think you get the prize for most graphical information!

I suggest a thong worn on the outside of your clothes toaccentuate your assets :)


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Nah, you need a good old-fashioned codpiece. That would really give us ladies a treat.


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Lol! Yes a gold thong, for all to see! You could do and have a wax. (back, crack and sack) as this APPARENTLY accentuates the assets even more!


weighs a lot less
i saw a rather interesting documentary on tribal me who wear wood funnel over their manhood they all looked rather large my oh suggests not shaving your balls with clippers he was left with a rather nasty graze ,so dont you lose weight off your willy then always wondered about that xxlillie xx


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the reason your 'old fella' is looking bigger is cause of losing weight..apparently there is a pad of fad which, if your overweight, will make him look smaller..now that youve lost a good deal of what you want that pad of fat is diminishing and therefore, hey presto, bigger winkie lol

only reason i know is cause i watched a documentary on tv once and it was stored away...god what a subject lolol

h x


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S: 13st5lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Actually, large men's penis's do retract into the pelvic cavity die to the fat pad. I've had to recatheterise men with seemingly no penis! The tube just disappears into the belly. Then you feel a twit having to ferret around a bit. Then you find it, only to discover it has 'grown' due to the retrieval process,,,,,,So you have to wait for it to return to normal once again whilst still holding it cos you've caught it, whilst trying to make polite conversation with its owner. God I love my job.
Hey fattothin

it is always good to see the old trouser snake again. I am glad he is looking well, lets hope the ladies feel the same way as you do. Tight boxers is the way forward that is what I have been told by some lovely young ladies I know. Shows you ass of as well.

Dont pet him to much though as we all know how that ends:eek:......sorry if this is a bit rude.

LMAO:D:D Hey nikki I reckon everyone wants your job now. Lillie I once used clippers OMG seriously my bathroom looked like an abbatoir:eek:.
A freind of mine does the back,sack and crack at her salon and she asked me to go ............but she's a babe and I dont think it would be too healthy for me:eek:.
So Harriet when I have totally lossed my belly I could be tripping over it :D.
Hey shornie too late with the info mate I did pat him on his head and he was sick all over.
enough already!!!!LOL!

I do waxing, but never done the back sack and crack, so can I come watch to get some experience!! Oh also, if you get that, your one eye'd friend will look even bigger am sure!
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weighs a lot less
TMI id go for the back,sack and crack if i were you the more you heart beats the more calories burned x
Ahh just think of all the times the girls were prob looking at your manhood and you didnt even know it was there!!!

I have no suggestions what so ever i am far too innocent to even consider it!!;)

P.s Hi Charlie:D
Oh my god, just wet myself laughing.

Congrats on your huge shlong xxx
Garry you're naughty!!!
hehehe I am as well:DXX
Indeed!! x
Oh my god, you've had me cracking up reading these posts. With regard to the undies dept., the boxers that are a little tight around the leg are really hot. I try to get my husband to wear them all the time. Once he realised the end result, he is a lot more willing. Dont know what the other girls think, though. Could be just me.
Good luck when you go for your fitting.........
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I vote for a thong .... worn back to front ;)

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