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small losses! cant undertand why??

I have just had my seventh weigh in and again i lost only lost 2lbs. I cant understand why i keep having these small losses. I am sticking to ss 100%. I started cambridge last year and lost 3 stone in 3 month but came off it for a while and then 7 weeks ago got straight back into and stuck to it brilliantly. I am getting little dispondent at my small losses though. my mother in law is doing 810 and some weeks she has bigger losses than me?? I wont give up though as i only have 2 and half stone to go to my original goal.:)
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Look at my ticker - I've often looked at others and even asked how they lose 5lb a week, I never do. They don't do anything different to me. I think it's just how your body works?
At least it comes off eventually, don't lose heart.
Make sure you are sticking rigidly to the programme. Ditch the chewing gum, bouillon, bars and coke zero for the time being (if you have those) and go back to basics. Introducing them back slowly will tell you which one is contributing to your slow losses..
can drinking the bouillon slow your weight loss down

It can if you are not having the CD bouillon. Other shop bought ones are higher in salts and can cause water retention and your weight loss to stop.
Its extra calories however you look at it, I advise my clients who have had little losses to cut back to basics if appropriate.

Stick with it, you will still be melting apprx 3lbs of fat a week, it may not always show on the scales, because the scales weigh your muscles, water and fat, they don't always show the full story.

I believe you loose around an inch off your hips/waist per 5lbs lost. Try recording your measurments over the next 4 weeks and if you do apprx 3 inches, you know you are roughly on track. The scales are just a number, try not to worry too much about what they say. :) xx
Hi, I did roughly this the first time around, I'm sure the average is 1 cm per Kilo, which equates to around 5 poss 6 pounds per inch.

:) x
Hi, yours equates to around 6.5 lbs per inch, like anything its only an average, or guideline, your not that far out :) x

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