smilley moment


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Just wanted to share this smilley moment with you
Yesterday at work I work in a shop a customer came up to me and said
Hope you do not mind me asking but were you the very big lady that use to work here???????????
Well I did not know how to answer that except say yes I am still her and still work here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It did make me smile though.
I love smiley moments,both mone and other peoples I think they have realy helped me.
Has anyone else have a smiley moment to share??????????:p
Ahh. That's lovely.

I've had a couple. One lady said to me "it's all right for you people that don't have a weight problem". Teehee...if only she knew.
I've had a "moment" today. Michael and I went to the village where I spent all my growing up years. I left when I first got married at age 19, but visited until my mum and dad died in 1991. (my family tree can be traced there back to the 1400's with everyone being born, married and dying there! - I'm one of the first one's to "escape" as it were!)
Anyway, we were walking along, and this woman called out my name. I just about recognised her as someone I used to know. She said "You haven't changed a bit" ( and there was I in my Next jeans, tucked in T shirt & BELT, for the first time) - if only she knew!!!!! It felt good though.
Must go back more often, it's a really pretty place, but I didn't appreciate it at all as a teenager.
Hi Libbie

What a lovely conversation for you and I'm not surprised you felt good about it. I am finding that the more weight you lose the more frequent the compliments. I suppose the biggest compliment for me is no longer being described as the "really big girl with long hair". Also, people want to know where I am buying my clothes from as they like what I am wearing. This is not something that would have happened in the past as I think it was probably obvious to everyone that the only place I could get clothes from was Evans.


Jazzy x