Smith And Western


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Going to Smith and Western for a friend's birthday next week. I'd quite like to keep my syns for drinks afterwards, so want to keep my menu choice as low in syns as I possibly can.

Had a look at the menu and everything is basically ribs, burgers and steak. Not great!

They do have salad, a caesar option that comes with parmesan, croutons, dressing and chicken... problem is if I ask for it without parmesan croutons and dressing it's just going to be a plate of leaves with some chicken which I'll possibly have to syn anyway as don't know how it was cooked...

The other options I was thinking may be a possibility:

Cajun chicken: butterfly of chicken breast tossed in cajun spices and grilled to perfection
If the chicken really is just grilled then this could be good possibly?

chicken burger... chargrilled. Could ask for no sauce/cheese, leave the bun and have a jacket potato on the side.

Any thoughts?
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Steak wouldn't b too bad if u bear in.mind they probably use oil on the grill

Cajun chicken im not sure on, it might b coated in flour which would make it synned


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S: 13st2lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 1st11lb(13.59%)
Thanks! Sorry, totally forgot to reply to you!

I'm wavering at the moment between jacket potato and chicken caesar salad with no dressing (can have the parmesan as a hexa, just make sure I leave excess amounts, and just leave the croutons. don't want to ask for loads of stuff left out as it'd make me self-conscious ha), the cajun chicken (will ask about flour) with side salad and possibly a jacket potato (no butter), or maybe steak with the same. Just have to syn oil I guess....