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Smoking on LT

Oh and also, I've had enough of the shakes! If I have 2 flapjacks and a milkshake a day next week is that bad? Everyone only seems to be having milkshakes. Is there a particular reason for this?
Yeh i smoke too and it hasnt affected my weight loss. My chemist is tryin to get me to quit buts theres NOWAY i can give smokin AND food!! it ses on the bag that only 1 flapjack is allowed per day. i supposes its cuz theyre so dry and need to make up so much water to compensate. i only have 1 a wk and the rest shakes, eurgh horrible things the flapjacks r!!!
Good luck

I'm in this mess cos i stopped smoking i put 2 stone on in a matter of months so sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you want to stop smokin after you have lost your weight be prepared to go back on lipotrim cos your gonna need a bit of help cos theres no doubt about it you will put a bit of weight back on !!!!!!!!!!!!!


weighs a lot less
sandy i too am a smoker and am considering givin up whilst doing lipotrim as ive gained when trying to stop smoking in the past and im thinking if we can stop eating then maybe the fags wont be that hard lol tried the flapjacks today for the first and last time they are vile!
wierd i know but......

im not sure if im alone in this thought , and i know it sounds wierd but i find im smoking a lot less on the lt , im not sure why it just seems that i dont crave as much :)

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