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Snacking but still within points

Hi guys,

Just a bit of re-assurance I need really, yesterday I had a packet of crisps when I was out shopping (I was starving!) and then my usual meals etc ; I was still within my points, well, probably ON my points...but I feel a bit guilty about it!

I know the idea is to use your points, that's what they're there for ; but for some reason I'm a bit scared to use them all up ; esp with crisps and the like!

My boyfriend is trying to eat healthily & I worked out on WW he could have 33 points but that's loads and he says he's not eating that many, but surely they're there for a reason...

I know I'm kinda babbling but I really just want someone to tell me it's okay to have my crisps!! (and the bottle of irn bru that's in my bag)
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I am not a WW expert, but in terms of general diet I would say crisps offer some nutrition for their points, whereas Irn Bru is just empty calories and a sugar hit that's not really all that good for anyone other than people about to pass out from hypoglycemia :)
It's definately ok to use your points on WHATEVER you like. Also i wouldn't delibrately go under your points all the time, i did this and had a gain then stayed the same for a few weeks that's why i had a new start and use all my points(almost) and i gain extra points by exercising which i dnt use.
I am not a WW expert, but in terms of general diet I would say crisps offer some nutrition for their points, whereas Irn Bru is just empty calories and a sugar hit that's not really all that good for anyone other than people about to pass out from hypoglycemia :)
I know I shouldn't have it, but it's wonderful. It's a proper weakness of mine!
Its fine, I have a crunchie on a night time or a pack of crisp or a crumpet ...

all within my points and iv lost.


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It's really hard to think you can have certain foods when you are 'dieting' but the theory behind points is - a certain number of calories and sat fat each day will enable you to lose weight. So it doesn't matter how you reach that number really. If you don't have 'treats' you are much more likely to feel deprived and fall off the wagon anyway. Like everyone else has said - it's really important to try to stick to your points fully! I actually save points so I can have naughty things at the weekend - feels less guilty somehow because I know I've earned them!


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Its fine, the iron bru is fine as well! Eat all your points and have smart options! Last night i had enough points left over for a pack of crisps, a cupcake, an almond slice and a yoghurt!! I have to snack in the evening so save my points for then.
No problem in having what you want. I spend 1.5pts on a skinny latte each day at the minute :giggle:
I eat whatever i like as long as it's within my points. Enjoy it :D
Its part of the Scottish national diet:) I changed to the diet a few years ago and now i cant drink the full fat one now. You do get used to it! And it is point free:)
I've tried to drink the diet but it's so wattery tasting imo. I'm gonna try and have it a few times a week but no more ; I usually have at least a can a day - used to be 2!
Yeah Use your points... coz if you dont use them now then when you do drop a stone bracket and and your at the lower ponits say the amout youvr been eating then it will find it hard to lose if thats makes sence.... enjoy now whilst you can and if you wanna snack on high points things just to use your points then you DONT have to have chocolate but you can have nuts wich are good fot you but mega high in points also dont forget your filling foods....Get use to them now coz when you do drop points it gets a lil difficult ive gone from 30 points to 27 and i found it a lil difficult as when i was on 30 i used to only like eat 28 anyway does that make sence lol ?
Your be fine tho stay within your points, i always have crisps or a WW dersert it yum!
Last night was a close call! I went shopping so couldn't be bothered making dinner afterwards. Went to asda & my boyfriend wanted a pizza so I thought I'd be semi sensible & get a WW pizza. 7 points.

I only eat half as well, BUT I had to have garlic bread (proper weakness!!) I got the 50% fat stuff from asda and I think it was 4 points for 1/3rd of the pack (4 slices) and I eat about 6 (I know..I know..) so by my calculations I was just within my points & no more.

I feel like I've done quite well!

However, if someone comes on and tells me I worked out the garlic bread wrong I may cry :D
As others have said, it's quite difficult to get used to the fact that you really can eat whatever you like as long as it is within your points. I try to eat as close to my points as I can each day but like to save 1-2 points a day so, on Saturday, I can have a takeaway and a nice dessert (cheesecake is a weakness of mine). The big mistake I made last time I was on WW was thinking I could save 4 points a day so I was saving 20 points (Mon-Fri) and then eating almost 40 points on a Saturday, not realising you're not supposed to carry forward more than 12 points. Consequently, I was losing 2-3 lbs between Monday and Friday and then putting it all back on over the weekend and couldn't understand why.

Now I try to be more sensible about my point usage and it seems to be working.
At the end of the day, if you go over your points one day, you can cut back a couple the next day. WW is wonderfully flexible. If you want to spend your 20 points on 6 bags of crisps you can and you will STILL lose weight (obviously that is not sustainable so it would work long term! But you get what point i am trying to illustrate!) There is no point denying yourself a little bit of what you fancy because one day you will just think 'sod it' and end up on a massive binge.

As far as using all your points up goes, i spoke to my leader cos i was struggling to use all my points for a few weeks in a row and i asked her about it and wether or not i should use them all. She said if you're hungry use them. If you're not hungry, don't eat them for the sake of it because eating for the sake of eating is not a good habit for anyone to get into. So it doesn't matter if you dont use all your points one day or even one week as long as you're not hungry. And again, just be as flexible as you want with your points because if you go over by 5 one day, just be good and have 5 less the next day!

Hope this is helpful! :) xx
I eat my 3 main meals then my snacks are usually what ever i fancy with the points i have left. I quite like galaxy bubbles every now and again. Its what i like about ww, u can still have r treats and lose weight :)

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