Sneaking in with head hung low


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Hello again to those that remember me

Hello and nice to meet u for those that don't

I'm back on plan, day 6 and desperately trying to lose inches to fit into my wedding dress. I get married in June but fly out on 24th may. My dress is ordered and I need to drop at least 2 dress sizes to even fit into it!!

I know it's not too late, but it really is my last chance. I know it might sound weird but I was ashamed to come back again. I keep coming and going, but as this is my last chance , I'm hoping with some support I'll make it through to my dress fitting and it will be a joyful occasion and not a disaster!!

I hope you are all well

Mel x
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Welcome back Mel

Was wondering how you were doing... are you on LL or Exante?? how have you been? Wow cannot believe it is nearly your wedding. Don't worry girl, you will rock it!!! Loads of old faces are about to give you support.

Update me on all your news



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Hi jez xxxx

I'm back to my group at LL. They r a really nice funny bunch on first impressions so it should be good !


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Welcome home Mel

You know you will always be welcome here and part of the LL family.
Sounds cheesy I know, but TRUE.
There's a really positive vibe on here at the moment, with oldies and newbies all supporting each other.
You have that special reason to be successful this time.
Get posting and get losing girl. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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welcome back and good luck. xx


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Welcome back and good luck!! No motivation like a wedding dress xxx

Pinkie :)

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Hi there...

I'm new so don't know you from last time... but hello and nice to meet you too!

Fab bunch still on here, so you'll get the support you were after still... Plus a few extra of us thrown in too, for good measure! :D



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Hi Mel,
Good luck you can do it!

Sexy xx


awww Mel never feel ashamed to come back, your always welcome back chick! we are all here to support one another remember that
really do wish you the best of luck xx


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If at first you don't succeed....
Good luck huni :)


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hiya! thats exactly how i felt - i lost 5.2 stone in 2008 and it has been slowly creeping back on since then. i was embarrassed and ashamed to go back but have finally taken the plunge and am now on day 3. we both know it works so welcome back and good luck. you know that you can do it and you will look fabulous in june!


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Hey Mel!
Good to see you - come on girl - you know this works.
Plenty of time if you stick to it!!!!!
Daisy x


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Exactly what Daisy said.
It works. You are proof of that.
If you stick to the straight and narrow you can lose between 3 and 4 stone by then, they will be taking that dress in for you.
You can do this.
Love you gorgeous girl


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Is emotion a side effect because you girls just made me feel teary. Thanks for your support xx


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Think you are so brave to admit that... really wish you all the best for your wedding. GO GIRL!! You can do it!