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sneaky peek?


Slowly Getting There ....
I did the day before my first weigh in... I hadn't got faith in the plan even though I have been told til certain people are blue in the face that it usually does work..

From now I'll only be weighing in once a week at my 'weigh in'

My hubby had a sneaky the night before and it said he'd not lost any weight- then in the morning at his official weigh in..... he'd lost 2 pounds...

...so it's entirely true what they say about weight going up and down all day!




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depends how my week is going - this ones been mad, so ive been hopping on and off most mornings!!!

my weigh day is today (tonight) so im hoping the scales go down by then!!! xxx


Excited about the new me!
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I did on Tues morning, lost 5lb, but my official WI today,only lost 4lb. I think I owe that extra 1lb to Tues night at TGI's though, lol. I usually get on scales twice a week, its so hard not to,unless you out them in the shed or garage isn't!


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I'm a serial-weigher. I need to stop though! When I first started slimming world (before falling off the wagon) my scales said I was -2lb...the slimming world ones said -10lb!

I'm weighing at home (no classes) this time around so I have to rely on my own scales now. So I've been hopping on and off them. Though I did weigh myself at the doctor's yesterday. I have to go back in three weeks for something unrelated so might double check any weight loss on their scales, then.


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I do it too, and my weight literally fluctuates by pounds each time I pee etc.
I need to stop, because it just makes me anxious and it's rarely accurate.


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Trying to resist the scales tbh, although in the past I have been a serial weigher, its not good for me, I either think woohoo and have a treat, or get down and have a treat:sigh: So not going to get weighed till Monday!


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I know I'm much like everyone else then.....I can just hear them calling me in the morning! :D lol
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Sorry to say but I weight daily.
In the last couple of weeks, I've made myself reduce it to 6 days a week!! Luckily my scales weigh exactly the same as the SW ones :-D


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I used to, but I have broke myself of the habit now and only WI on Friday mornings.

I found that if I kept weighing most days, and I was gaining or STS I was getting very dis-heartened, and I didn't want to go there, so I finally stopped it.


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I weigh almost every day. Just to keep myself on track more than anything else. If I stay the same or weigh less each day then it spurs me on to be good and keep on plan.

If I'm up on the previous day it spurs me on to be good and keep on plan lol!

But I only count the official weigh in result!
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I know slimming world recommends that we don't jump on the scales in between classes but I bet if we are honest most of us do-I know I do
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i will weigh at boots on the bmi machine straight after work (half 3/4) on a wednesday if i need to prepare myself or am too nervous to wait.. i weigh in at half 6.. but wont weigh any other time at all. xx

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