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sniff cravings


a new way of living!
Does anyone else get cravings just to sniff something? or am I going mad?? :eek::confused:

yesterday i wanted to smell BBQ's the other day was cakes, and today, I used a body scrub by soap and glory (totally lushious!) and it smelt like old fashioned cola sweets, I almost inhaled the stuff from sniffing!!

done loads of housework today, so rewarded myself with a bath, a hair colour, a face pack and even filed hard skin of feet (nice!).

I'm smooth all over now, hopefully lost a lb or two in hard skin removal!

its keith's birthday tomorrow, and we are going to alton towers - out come the good old flappies again!
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Is thinking positive!
I must admit that I sniff the dog's food :eek: :p
It smells bloody delicious :D


Love God; Love People
Sniffing is way better than munching -so, good solution for you! Just got to say Msblonde, you look a whole lot different in your new pic; my goodness the weight loss really shows now. Well done, keep up the good work; you're probably burning up calories with all the extra effort from sniffing!!


Is thinking positive!


a new way of living!
heheehe yup i sniff cat food too, the dog gets a bit of cat food everynow and then, as a treat, he loves it!

mmmm... sometimes wonder - on desperate days! ;)
Im glad Im not abnormal I smell everything I even take peoples plates pick them up and sniff people are begining to compare me to a dog, that cant be good. On a total other note Im Knackered Ive just finished working 13hrs and I feel like every bone in my body is saying ouch and worse still I have another long shift to work tomorrow.


Gonna be slim again
Houston....We have a problem:D:D
No no no - dog food is yucky - in any way shape or form as for sniffing try....Sunday dinner - yummy
apples.......smell much nicer than they taste as the green hard sour ones smell the best
peanut butter......now that I could sniff

with love x
some one peeling an orange now that smells really good mmmmm


Is thinking positive!
some one peeling an orange now that smells really good mmmmm

My Mum did this the other day on the way back from Butlins at a service station, An orange never smelt so good :p


Is thinking positive!
ooooooooh dont get me started on peanut butter grrrrrrrr or nutella...they are my worst enemy
(Drools) :p

Peanut butter, Banana on toast...(Faints) :D
Why does that section always smell so good and why do large supermarkets put it on the enterance of the shop to tease me.
Cooked cheese does it for me - on top of lasagne or pizza - and fresh strawberries - totally lush!!! Mmmmmmm!

Thank god for that, I thought there was something wrong with me the other night when I got a jar of picalilli and started sniffing it, it smelt delicious lol xx

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