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Well London was well and truely hit today and as per usual, chaos reigned!! Roads weren't gritted, buses couldn't run etc etc. I actually ended up walking home from work (4.2 miles) to pick my boys up from school. One part of me was thinking how terrible it was, the other half of me was thinking of Body Magic! Ha ha! Now, a school closure tomorrow would be wonderful, as far as I'm concerned!
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We've got SO MUCH it's unreal. I keep opening the curtains and staring out like a small child in wonderment - I'm twenty bloody three! Tons of schools shut, roads closed, it's crazy. Honestly can't remember ever seeing anything like it in my life!!


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Now, a school closure tomorrow would be wonderful, as far as I'm concerned!
I concur! In my part of London they grit some of the roads, but none of the pavements... :confused: and people were walking at a snails pace to avoid falling! No excuse really with all the warnings given over the last week! It's the ice that freaks me out, I'd be mortified if I slipped! :eek:
In Reading we had a light dusting overnight, but it nearly all melted quite quickly. A few more flurries during the day, but nothing settled.

It is very cold now - and that easterly wind is evil!!
I saw on the news yesterday that Spain to is suffering too. It is very cold here today and there is snow in Southern Spain.

When I see U.K. temps though of minus 12 in Scotland it make this mornings 7 degrees seem quite warm.

I am cold though even in my fleecy jim jams.


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We had over 1ft of snow yesterday, woke up today anf all the snow we cleared is back haha
We have over a ft of snow this morning, and are expecting another 12inches today apparently! The ways its coming down at the min i could well believe it. All the schools are closed and the roads are horrendous! The amount of cars that got stuck outside my house last night was unreal (i live at the bottom of a hill)
Im so glad i did my shopping yesterday when it wasnt so bad lol thats me n the kids hibernating for the forseable!! Wonder is groups will still be on tomorrow....


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We've had spectacular thunder and lightening early this morning! Swiftly followed by a whiteout and a phonecall from my consultant saying class has been cancelled :)


My belly this will be!
Car travel not possible here is south yorkie - neighbour saying no buses in our area either. I am staying with my daughter at the mo and so able to walk into work about a mile but quite fun when you are having a laugh with someone.

Forecast more snow today and over night ho hum is very beautiful though! At the moment it is about 12 inches deep most of the areas and about 6 in the shallower pavement and road areas. I am happy!:D
We've had even more overnight. Been out walking this morning, it's lovely. It's not going anywhere for the forseeable, so may as well embrace it and enjoy it!! Even though people are grumbling and moaning, it seems to have riled up a bit of community spirit, which is never a bad thing!!
:( I WANT SNOW!!!!

Apparently where I live is the overall mildest area in the country (generally, not at the moment in particular) with it being a peninsula and having rivers either side of it, so we always end up having generally entirely different weather to the rest of the country. Last year when this happened we did get some snow, but the shops had sold out of sledges by the time we decided we should get one. This year, prepared as we are, have the sledge before the snow... But no snow.

We have a light coating of ice, which is pretty hazardous, DS went flat on his back the other night in the back garden, but the skies are STUPIDLY clear, so we are getting very low temperatures, but no snow.

I know those of you who are struggling with it wont appreciate me wishing for it, but I WANT SOME SNOW!!!!
We've had another lot over night and it's doubled the amount that was already there! Couldn't get in to work yesterday, as the boys school was shut. It's shut today too (well, they have 3 teachers!!!) so they are round at their Nan's. Made it into work this morning, but the bus was skidding about like anything! All this Body Magic is fab, except it's making me starving hungry!!! So yesterday was a bad eating day, gonna try and be good today!!:)

How is everyone else? I hope you are all wrapping up warm and only going out if you have to!
I'm up in the hills in Sheffield and it's really deeeeep here, once you get to the main roads it's just a ton of slush but we haven't had busses here for a couple of days and not many cars are braving it as it's sucha steep hill so it's still covered here! My little uns school is closed and thankfully so is my office :D
I'm on the outskirts of Leeds and it took me nearly 6 hours to drive the 5 miles home yesterday! I've taken today as leave as I couldn't face another journey like that and was mortified because we've had no snow since 7am BUT it's just started again so maybe I was right after all! :p
we've got 10 inches in bexhill, no trains no buses just done a 5 min walk but it took us 40 mins :eek:

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