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    Ok so on friday night me and the girls went out for a drink (i had sparkling water) and they all started telling me how i didnt need to lose weight and was like shouting at me telling me they loved me how i was.... which is lovely BUT i am 22 stone how can i NOT need to lose weight!! Its so annoying that they went on like this and has kinda upset me. I mean i tried to laugh it off at first but after a whil;e and them starting to get annoyed at me i just sat there silent as they told me how i am ment to be the size i am and how i am perfect and dont need to do diets to change myself. Grr!! I dunno i wonder if they are a little jealous that i might turn out prettier than them when i am slim... lol silly i know but i dunno why they would go on like that with me because its pretty obvious i need to lose weight and they know how upset my weight makes me... what do you think?

    <3 xxxx
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    was cambridge now exante
    hun your doing this for you and your health not for them
    ask them if they would be visiting you in hospital for an obesity related illness and still be demanding you dont go losing weight
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    SOunds a bit like jealousy to me. Looking at your avatar you have a really pretty face. Add in a killer body and you're going to knock 'em dead!
    Tell your friends how unhappy you are and that you need to do this for yourself, as the previous poster says, they won't want to be visiting you in hospital later in life.
    Good luck and keep at it.
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    I also had so called "friends" telling me that there is no need to lose any weight at all.
    In a way it's kinda protective way of saying - we love you regardless of how you look.
    But for me it also conotates message that we are happy to stay like this and don't really want to deal with any dynamic change in the group. Yep, I am sure there is a lil bit of jealousy and competition but that's everywhere in girly environment. It's probably the fact that there will be new competition within a team and having another attractive friend creates small threat to everyone's self-confidence.

    Don't think there was anything mean behind it but remember that bottom line is that everyone puts themselves first rather than thinking about others.

    Now when I am in my slimmer sizes all my "friends" comment how good I look and what a good decision it was to start dieting in a first place. Doesn't make any sense, does it? Well I guess it's all group psychology and group dynamics.

    Welcome to the skinny world - you'd get used to it hun xxx
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    tell your friends you are doing it for you and your health benefits to being slimmer, if they are friends worth bothering about then they will support you no matter what you do.
    its good when people say they love you for you no matter what but if your not happy for whatever reason they should be there to support you
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    I think people feel challenged when you decide to lose weight, at the back of their minds they see you as being thinner/prettier than they are if you succeed in your goal. At the moment you are not a threat to them and so its safe for them....
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