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so ashamed of myself

Yesturday i felt like i done terrible with my diet this week i dont know why not that id really cheated but i usually track everythin but this week i didnt track so then yesturday when i finished work i ate and ate and ate :confused::confused::confused:

Dont know why i done this my weigh day is suposed to be today but didnt bother now i feel like ive let myself down :cry:
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Go to your weigh in & put it behind you otherwise you will continue on this path & ruin the next week. I find if I go to class its like starting again - you can do it - think of those fab clothes in the summer.
I tried on my size 14 & a few 12 that I have today & its motivated me to get back into them.
Good luck:D
i dont go to the classes i do it at home as all the times around my area dont suit.

Im mega determined to get back on track and start tracking everything again i think thats where ive gone wrong not tracking anything this week


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
if you weigh today then you can assess the damage and save points this week......
id never make the points up what i ate yesturday :-(

new day and week today going to draw a line under it and keep going
give ur self a shake and jump on those scales and try and beat wot u have gained next week at least ur trying to do somthing about it rather than just sweeping it under the carpet :)
im going to get on that treadmill tonight untill i cant physically run any more
dont let it get you down, I do ww at home as well and if i have a bad 'moment' then i have to mentally kick myself and promise that i will do more excercise/ cut down on points.

My advice would be to cut 1 point out per day next week if you can and to do a small amount of excercise each day. so if you have a treadmill, dont run for your life, just do 30/40 mins each day, that way your goal is obtainable and not out of your reach.

Keep going... you know you can do it :)
i used to go on the treadmill every night and burn a minimum of 150 calorise a night but landed myself with a sickness bug last weekend and aint been on since so todays a new start to it. I can lower my points and do exercise this time next week you will all be very proud of me haha

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