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So Disappointed....

Hi greenie
Sorry you are disappointed, what plan are you doing??
Well done on the loss though, its still good (though I don't blame you for being a bit disappointed, i've had weeks a bit like that.)
Maybe you will lose more next week?? xx
Well, it could have something to do with how poorly you've been this week. You can't dismiss how were feeling at the beginning of the week.

Don't give up lovely. I know you are disappointed but stick with it and i bet you'll have an amazing loss next week.

I am on the SS+ plan..... I thought that about the good loss this week as I had only lost 1lb last week and it still didn't happen....

I guess it could be partly because I haven't been feeling good as I lost 3lb last Saturday and put some on since then.... not sure how as been 100%
I'm sure someone said before that maybe your body was holding on to every little bit of nourishment it was getting because you weren't very well. I'm no MD but it does make sense.

Don't feel too downhearted.

I hope you are feeling better now.



hoping for a good loss
I am sorry you are unhappy with your losses this week. Don't give up sweetie. See what next week brings and go from there.

I know what you mean about the scales though. Mine yesterday said I had lost 6lb this week but getting on them today only showed 4lb for my official wi. Is a bugger, but have decided to steer clear from weighing other than on wi day

hugs x
Hi LInda,

Sorry you are feeling down with your losses this week - It must be disappointing especially as you have been 100%. On the plus side though you have lost 11.8 lbs in 3 weeks - which is nearly a 4lb a week average - which is really good. My CDC keeps saying don't look at the individual weeks but always count it from the beginning (that said I didn't have a weigh in this week as she was away - and I think it would have been my worst week - 3lbs - so feel free to quote this back at me if i'm fed up next week !!!).

Have you taken your measurements or tried smaller clothes on? I bet they show a difference.

Keep going


Slowly but surely x
Oh hunny, i dont know what to say :(
You know this diet works - you have been there before. I say your illness is letting you down.
I think once the illness has gone, you will know for CERTAIN you will get great results.
Im here for you x
Right I have decided I am going to up my food intake until after the weekend as I am not sleeping and I am spending most of my days in a daze, spaced out, had to take some more painkillers this morning but first look since the morning before, so everything is getting better slowly, I just think it is taking too much out of me whilst on so few calories, so I am going to count calories over the weekend, have some carbs, but make sure the amount I eat is low..... then Monday hopefully I will be feeling better and raring to go.
I think that's a good idea. Have a little break this weekend and you'll be in a much better frame of mind on Monday.
Have a good weekend and try to relax and take it easy!

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