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So, I was getting something out of the freezer for tea



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I just started making Salmon when I started SW and I love it. Btw I posted a new recipie for Yogurt Marinated Salmon that is really tasty :)
Thanks Donnie :)
Meli that sounds lovely off to have a look, thanks!

I tried smoked salmon for the first time last week and really didn't like it. I was shocked, considering I LOVE salmon!
Speaking of salmon, I was given a huge pack of Gravlax this week... any idea what it would be syn wise?
The only synnable ingredient in the cure is sugar, (rest is dill, vinegar salt and pepper)but not much so it depeds how much you eat.
(best to check ingredients to be sure)

Did it come with a sauce? That may have ingredients you have to syn
You can have my share too! Like Hayley I was surprised because I love salmon. Mind you don't like tinned salmon either and the really sad part is I prefer farmed salmon to fresh. It's because its fattier how bad is that lol

salmon was the first dish my (now) OH ever made me and although i didn't think I liked it before....it was delish and made me fall in love even more with him! It was with lots of lime and noodles and veg, oh and I think there was some creme fraiche in there too. That was pre-SW of course. Happy memories!!
(Of course nowadays I'd be lucky if he made me a cup of tea lol:D four years down the line)
(Of course nowadays I'd be lucky if he made me a cup of tea lol:D four years down the line)
LMAO! That made me smile :D

Isn't it funny? I took a pack of 2 out (cause they were stuck together of course :D) And all I could manage was 1 with 2 small baked potatoes as a HE and some veggies and I only ate 1 of the potatoes! Now if you had said to me you can only have 1 I would have eaten the lot lol so looks like Salmon for lunch tomorrow yum!


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