So Much For The Holiday.


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Had a wee wobble, got stressed and forgot the water and salt bit LOL

Boy did I feel crap. Zumba class was a mess, how heavy can feet be ;)

Would you believe my sweetie said we could finally go on a trip of a lifetime for us...

Booked it on the Monday - all hell breaks loose on the Tuesday. :mad:

Yep you guessed maybe it's EGYPT SIGH!!!!:cry:

A friend was meant to be in Tunisia now - ended up in Gran Canaria.

Oh well guess at least if they cancel I will get the money back for somewhere else.. still would have loved the cruise on the Nile more than anything.

Better stick with the diet though, one thing I don't want is my spare tyre on hols - or should that be tyres plural LOL

Does anyone else have trouble with getting enough water and salt?

Any suggestions?

Thanx peeps your the best.
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S: 19st13lb C: 13st6lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 6st7lb(32.62%)
I don't believe it. :eek:

I call to book - they protest.

I post to get it of my chest - Mubarak resigns.

I am not going to mention E**** again LOL



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LOL you poor thing, hope you get it sorted :)


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Hi caledonia - hope you can get it all sorted:D


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I've got a friend of a friend who actually keeps an eye out for strife in different parts of the world. When there's something going on they actively look to book a holiday there (as long as it's not too serious) because the prices drop right down!

Crazy owld world, eh!


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Not good news there Cal.