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Sooooo hey! I guessed I should start a new diary since it's been a while. I did LL a few years ago, lost 3stones in 2.5months, a few issues arose and I stopped attending. I was sooooo unbelievably close to target but I f*ed up after I came off. I put the weight back on plus some more, the past 4years have been a slow gradual process of gaining and while I knew I was gaining it I felt like I was out of control. Almost as though the weight was controlling me, my willpower was at minus. I tried countless times to start exante, doing a morning and then not being able to get past lunchtime. I almost resigned myself being overweight for the rest of my life. I can't even tell you the amount of times I would say "tomorrow" or "I'll start Monday" absolutely ridiculous...

Fast forward to Monday just gone, I don't know what clicked, I can't pin point it but something has me more focused than I've ever been, sooooo much more than even the first time I did a VLCD. I feel unbelievably strong, my head is screaming like never before, telling me that this will be the last time I diet in my life.

Being the weight and size I am is now is the heaviest and biggest I've ever been, it had gotten to the point that my right knee was starting to ache when going up the stairs, am I 30 or 70!!! Jeeezzz!!

Anywayyyyy it's day 6 today. 6!!!!!! I'm actually so damn proud of myself for getting past day 1!! I'm weighing in at 16stone-ish and size 16/18 more on the 16 side tho. I haven't weighed myself, I will be doing my first weigh in on Monday. I guess my first week loss would be around 7lbs as it was the last time I did a VLCD, is it crazy the numbers aren't bothering me? I was thinking I may not weigh myself at all till I get to a size 12 and then reassess my goal from there but now I've started this diary I'm thinking Ill weigh in once a week and if I can't then every two weeks.

My saving grace has also been the fact that I've told myself that I'm sticking to 3packs a day on TS, if there's a particular day I feel weak I'll be resorting to some grilled chicken or an omelette, that's helped me a lot mentally, knowing I have an option which will keep me in ketosis made this a hell of a lot easier. Water intake has been around 1.5ltrs and that's my a for the day, if I can make it to 2ltrs I'll be happy, I struggle with water after 1.5ltrs so I'm drinking bouillon and black tea too. I know I'm waffling on but I'm doing this as something for me to look back on, if people happen to read it then thankyou and I hope this helps you and that I can be of some support is awesome because it's a friggin ball ache to lose weight!!

I'll update my weight loss here once I weigh in, thanks for reading ❤️
Soooooo I weighed in and boy was I off the mark.... I weighed in a 16st 4lbs which means that I must have been close to the 17's and if go by when I did LL I lost 7lbs my first week so I'll just say that I probably lost around 6lb so that would mean I would have been around 16st10lb. Not going to dwell on it since it's not like I'm not doing anything about it, ya know? It's gunna all come off and I'll look back at it as being my all time low because that's what it is.

Anyway moving on, so I'm currently 16st 4lbs and this is Monday of week 2. Still going strong, haven't felt weak although I did have 2 boiled eggs but I had two packs that day so that makes up for it I guess. In ketosis which is most definitely helping with the hunger pangs. All in all, I feel great, I'm excited to see what I lose this week, I'm hoping for 4-5lbs I wanna get out of the 16s ASAP!!

Have a great one guys ❤️
It's Tuesday and I struggled a little with water today, haven't been hungry but I did have me a couple of eggs because I was freezing cold, I guess my BP dropped a little and ketosis doesn't help, I managed that and a bar today, so although calorie etc wise I'm good, I'm not happy I didn't have a second pack. Anyway, new day tomorrow and I'm still going strong, not having any urges to stop, my willpower is holding on!! Come on day 10!! ❤️
It's day 10 and still going strong. I got the lemon cheesecake smoothie and I'm literally in heaven I did get some of the Indian rice and I ate the first 3 forkfuls, the rest I binned, I started to gag. I have to say it tasted good but it didn't sit well with me, I think going forward I'll be sticking to shakes, bars and the odd soup. May give the pizza bases a try at some point. My birthday is at the end of the month and I will be sticking to the diet and having one meal. Steak is fave sooo that's what it'll be and I'm not sorry but im having me some carbs, I'm not worried about getting out of ketosis because I'm having the one meal, I'll be right back on it the day after. My other one meal off is this coming Monday, Ive planned for both so I'm not nervous and then after that I have nothing on my calendar that I need to accommodate for so it's a home straight. Funny how I'm not thinking about food much anymore but that damn first day was a killer in terms of thinking about it lol! Anyway, still going strong like I said and I'm seeing a change in my body a little, my face has slimmed down a little and the belly seems to be going down too. Was tempted to weigh in today but I'm gunna wait til Sunday as that's the only day I can do it until the week after when I'll go back to weighing in on Mondays. I'll be checking in on Sunday, have a great one

sounds like you are doing really well.

best of luck achieving your goals.

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Hey girl!!! Thankyou so much! Let me know if you have a diary or something I could follow ❤️

my diary link is in my signature :) I'm following slimming world as I'm pregnant. I hear Exante is great though :) x x

I'll go check it out now, I'm gunna be following slimming world once I finish exante so I'll be needs tons of info haha! I'll hop over there now ❤️
I think sw is great, you can pretty much have what you want. I think its the healthiest 'diet' going x x

Definitely agree, I'm thinking it'll be good for me if I get pregnant too. Especially with the amount you can eat. Just need t get my head around the syns and things but it looks like that'll be what I'm doing once I finish exante!
So it's day 12 today and so far so good. Yesterday was a **** up on terms of me not eating anything, it was a long day and I didn't get a chance and when I did I tried the red bean chilli and another one that's killed it for me. I had 2spoonfuls and it went into the bin. I felt full so I just had a small glass of Coke Zero and called it a night. Today's should be fine, I e had the raspberry jam bar so far and around 1.25ltrs of water, I have another ltr or so and then I'll be good. Mindset is still in a good place so, so far it's a win win. Weigh in tomorrow I think, I'm hoping for 5lbs but any loss is a good loss! Will check in tomorrow have a good weekend ❤️
Happy Sunday!!

Just a quick check in, I went and got weighed and I lost 4lbs in 6days!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!! I'm sooooo damn happy!! I'm exactly 16stone. Bring on next week I'll definitely be in the 15's even if it's one or two lbs I'll be ok because I'm off plan for one meal tomorrow.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself! I know I was hoping for 5 but I'm happy with 4!!

Have a good rest of your weekend guys!
Just musing.....

I don't know why but last time I did a VLCD I was in ketosis but had no energy whatsoever, I used to be exhausted before the end of the day. This time round I have tons of energy I've noticed over the past 3/4 days that my energy levels are through the roof. Not a bad thing is guess
It's been a few days since I updated but hey!! Been soooooo damn busy these past few days. Anyway I've been staying on track but lacking with the water so tomorrow's mission is to get 2ltrs down. I had a day off plan which I just ate chicken and a few baby bels cheese that have zero carbs. I checked and I was in ketosis and have been since and I'm so glad I stuck to a carb free day. Hoping to get 2-3 lbs off on monday so I'm gunna need to get on that water tomorrow. I've also been having 330mls of Coke Zero which has been helping. Body change wise I haven't seen much but I don't feel or look bloated and my face has slimmed dramatically, the double chin has disappeared! Hope you're all doing well!