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So near, yet so far!


Going for Goal!
Hi all, Well I have decided to 'move over' to the 100% posts, because I am struggling with my last 2.5 stone. I am constantly re-analysing my goal weight though. Does anyone else do this? I just don't know what to do...My cdc is wonderful, and I have spoken to her about this. But she is very much of the attitude "continue until you feel you are happy" but I feel like I need a number to aim for. Saying that, it gets me down knowing that I am 2.5 stone away from my goal - it seems so far! Saying that, back in April at my biggest I would have given anything then to be where I am now. I'm confused to why my head is playing such cruel games. GRRRRRRRR !!!! I think at the back of my head I have a nagging voice telling me that at 5"4, 11 stone will still be big. I have been looking at other people's goals who are of a similar height to me who are aiming for between 9 and 10 stone. Back in April, at a shameful 21 stone and 2lbs I was soooo motivated to loose that 10 stone to reach my target. Just lately my motivation seems to have vanished and I'm nibbly here and there, then I had a cold which took me again out of ketosis as I was having lemsips, toast and weetabix. I feel like I am stuck in a rut :(:(:(:(
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Hi Emma, I am the same height as you and my goal is 11stone 7lb as I know at that weight I am a size 12 and happy. I have been this weight before and I have also been lower-much lower and it I wasn't happy so it's true what your cd says- do cd until you feel happy. Why not give yourself a number and see how you feel when you get there and if you still want more off then set yourself another target. I will certainly be lowering it again if I get to goal and am not completely happy as I have had 2 kids since I was the weight I am aiming for so my body shape may be different and I may need to lose me. Good luck with it, we are nearly there and look how well have you done xx.
PS Emma, although other peoples goals are lower and they are the same height it's only a number and a persons build really does affect their shape and figure so you at 11stone and someone else at 11stone may look completely different because of build and shape.
PS Emma, although other peoples goals are lower and they are the same height it's only a number and a persons build really does affect their shape and figure so you at 11stone and someone else at 11stone may look completely different because of build and shape.
Very well said Zoe, but Emma you're right. I'm past the halfway point, keep thinking "good grief girl, it took you this long, you're going to have to keep at it for another half"... it's depressing and sometimes I just want a nibble (knowing how much longer I have to goal).
I also think with the holidays coming up, it's not easy. Part of me wants to "take a break" now and get back on in Jan, but then the other part is like "are you kiddin'? - that's a long ways away, you could still lose like another 20 lbs til then". So far, the good part is winning but I don't know for how long.:devilangel:
As for the weight change, I've changed it 3 times already. First time I changed it I thought I wasn't going low enough, second time thought I was too ambitious, last time I told myself, let me just get there and then I'll see. It's especially hard to assess a weight goal when you've never been there before :(
Hope this helps a little.
Emma do you realise how well you have done?? That is such a great weight loss hun seriously you should be so proud of yourself.
But like the others have said it depends on body shape, and if you get to 11 stone and are happy then thats where u should stay! I think it may seem like its taking longer because you are so close to your goal and your mind plays tricks on you!

But when it starts to play those tricks on you, shout at it and kick it and say no IM GOING TO SUCCEED!
Just look at how much you've lost in such a small amount of time this last couple stone will be gone soon hun! xx


Going for Goal!
Oh I really really hope so!!! I think I'm going to get my hb to take some pics of me in my new dresses (2 bought for his birthday meal and still can't decide!) That way I will be able to look at my 'before' pics and get a better idea of how much I have lost. Also i'll be able to get opinions of which dress looks best :):):) My hb has no idea when it comes to clothes!!! I could do with some female advice! :) Might do a poll! (If I can work out how!!!) lol


Going for Goal!
Ok I will get hb to take some pics and upload them one night this week! (tonight if he is in a good mood!) lol


needs a real kick in the
hi emma i think an innitial goal of loosing 10st is great, get there then decide if you want to go further.
i wanted to loose 7st i started cambridge at 15st 13.
which makes 8st 13.
i was 16st 10 at my biggest, so decided 9st 10 would be 7st from biggest. then im having my breast reduction, so will possiblt loose a bit more. so lowest goal is about 9st or comfy size 10.
i did get down to 11st 10lb recently and felt great even wearing a 10-12 in some stuff, 14 jeans were too big, i was comfy, but got too comfy and went back to nearly 13st 7. so really angry at myself. im on day 4 of ss again, and really have to kiss my arse now. only have leggings to wear. so although im 5ft 4. for me i need to push myself to 9-10 st. we are all shaped differently. i think its more important to be happy and comfy, but also a good size. personally i think a 12-14 is a healthy size, and then its personnal choice to go further.
thats just my opinion, i hope it helps xxx
You have done so well,
I've got another 2-3 stone to lose..I was 14stone and this is my 2nd week (Again :break_diet:) and I am now 12.2
I too have a real picture in my head of what I think I will look like getting down to 9stone but I may get there and feel it's not enough or too much...What I 'm meaning to say is, you should take it one week at a time and tell yourself you're goal is a stone a month and then see how you feel once you are there.
My cdc thinking 9st is too low for me, she said she thinks I'll get to 10stone and be happy.
Have to wait and see I guess.
Just remember how great you have done and keep at it (If you want to)
Lots of love x x x
I think the dress pictures are a great idea!
Kelly I don't understand why your CDC think 10 stones is right for you. I thought at this level your BMI will still show you as being overweight? You should do what you think is right not what your CDC think.

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