So off I went back to the gym......


Gone fishing
....after a 2 week break:eek:

I tapped my id into the machine. Funny how I remember that number:confused: The number is my date of birth minus one number, yet I rarely remember my date of birth.

When I need my D.O.B., I think of my gym number and then I remember it :eek:

So, anyway...I typed in my number. Suddenly the sirens went off. The lights of the gym flashed.....a loud, deep voice came over the loud speaker.

Everyone looked. The police cars screeched to a halt, their blue lights filling the car park outside. The prison van pulled up close to the entrance.

The voice on the intercom spoke loud and clear.

"you have not been to the gym for 2 weeks....put your hands above you head and come report to the dreadmill immediately"

Okay, it wasn't quite like that. Just a message on the machine saying that records showed I hadn't been for two weeks and to please make an appointment with my gym instructor to check all was okay.

The bloke behind me read it though:eek::eek: I saw him!
ROFPMSL, Post of the day in my book x
OMG...... what is the name of this gym.. is it a chain?!! I must never ever join this gym.... I like being the only one that knows when i've taken a two week break.. well me and half the internet of course.. coz i tend to mention it in my diary page!