Stop the wagon, I want to get back on...


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Confession time..

While I've been doing SW for a number of years now and have done quite well, I've slipped of the wagon over the past year or so and have gained about 3st of my losses back..
I put it down to working abroad a lot a year ago where the food wasn't SW friendly at all and often resulted in a 7-10 lb gain when I got back home..
I'd shift a bit of that over the following weeks but then I'd be off again and come back with another gain..
This has now become a pattern even though I no longer have to work abroad.

I need to stop fussing about and get back to basics..
Welcome back ColJack:)

I am sure once you put your mind to it, you will shift those pesky stones before you know it.

Have you gone back to SW meetings or are you doing it yourself?
I think I have read your story in the slimming world magazine if that's you in the pic you have done so well
I never stopped going to group. I even do weigh in 2 days a week besides my own group.
Very good:)

I also, remember you in the SW looked amazing, and I am sure, just as you did back then will continue to inspire.
I remember seeing your story too, inspirational. I think it's so easy to slip back a bit and have a few ups and downs when you feel comfortable with yourself, but it sounds like you've drawn your line and are ready to properly get back to it now. Very best of luck. xxx
I think we all at some point fall of the wagon or at least have a Flat tyre on the wagon at least but it's about keep back up, fixing the wagon and starting the journey again.

My biggest piece of advice is definitely back to basics. Dig those recipe books out, look through the SW website and fall back in love with the food that has got you to where you are now and that is AMAZING !

Plan, plan, plan! Each week take half hour out to plan and prepare for your week ahead. One of my life saving items is my food diary. Whilst looking through Instagram at people's slimming world meals I came across someone who had bought a SW friendly food diary from this is what completely keeps me on track! Xxx
Hi Coljack, alwelcome back! I sympathise and empathise. Took my eye off the plan start of this year , too many distractions with work, student age kids, running 2 small holdings.... Last 2 weeks capped it off. A week in Edinburgh watching my son play rugby league ( best take outs I've had!) then a week at work with 3 leaving parties. I felt swollen. By Friday I was looking for shirts that were comfortable having changed my wardrobe from my weight loss! 1 stone gained. As you say, back to basics and add a bit of focus. We know it works. All the best , Quins.