Back again after 2 years off CC'ing. Time to get healthy!


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I am back here again after a couple years off. I have tried a stream of diets, - Camrbridge, Exante, Atkins and more recently Slimming World.

I found VLCD does not fact I just get stressed in any situation that involves food and even when only doing it for a couple days it feels like a lifetime! Atkins is expensive and makes you feel poorly, and Slimming World feels like a free for what you like and slow progress!

So I am reverting back to good old CC'ing! I did this 3 years ago and started to so well, lost a stone in a month and then just lapsed again.

I feel I need some form of discipline to stop me eating too many calories, but also if I want to eat something bad within my calorie intake I don't have to feel so guilty! I am also going to allow myself one day off a week (probably a sunday) not to go mad but to not have to count what I am eating.

I am currently 5'8 and 18 st.12 lbs. My overall goal is to get to 15 stone. So approx. 4 stone to lose, with a goal of doing this by Christmas.

I want to be healthy, and perhaps consider having children in the future. I do carry my weight very well and fit in size 18 clothes, I have come to terms with the fact I will never be skinny, I remember weighing 12 stone when I was 15 and about a size 14. I look back at those photos now and realise I was actually a stick however at the time I felt huge! I have a big build and I am tall, I would just like to be within a healthier BMI and I should imagine the extra weight from being pregnant in the future is something to consider. I would also like to fit into size 14/16 clothes. I am not being over ambitious I see people on here wanting to be a size 8 going from size 20, I don't want to set huge goals. So my aim for now is to crack on and try and lose 12lbs by mid June when I have a holiday with friends booked. From then I will aim to loose 3 stone.

I have rambled on enough now, but thought coming back here with the support of others (can I just say some of you have done amazing and restored my faith!)

I initially thought I would try 1200 calories a day, my fitness pal recommends 1700, so I am aiming for 1500.

Fitness- I have 3 horses so they keep me busy mucking out, riding and leading them from the stables to fields, I also have two dogs I walk daily and to top it off my partner is a gym freak and we have our own so I am going to start weight training- it's so under rated- I have gone on to learn that when we lift weights we tear muscles which will then ache after even for a couple of days, but the aching is good as it's your body repairing the muscles and the whole time you are burning calories by doing so! I also like swimming so will try and go at least once a week.

I have researched low calorie food and have a list of my favourites but to be certain most of my meals will be from the Tesco Healthy Living Range.

I am going to try and keep my diary updated along with My Fitness Pal which I am finding so helpful!

Thanks for reading! x

Breakfast- Shredded Wheat and Skimmed Milk 235 cals
Lunch- Tesco Healthy Living Jacket Potatoes, baked beans 555
Dinner- Home made Pizza- Warburtons square with tomato puree, Cooked chicken, Ham, Mushrooms and some Low Low Cheese 360 cals
Oven cooked Sweet potatoe and Squash mix 100 cals

Snacks- I might have a small slice of home made cake later with a cup of tea :)
Hey!! Right im doing the same with you looking for any other idea's.

Oh my how i use to love warburtons square into a pizza while on weight watchers, that brought my mouth to water a little bit hehe.

Diet chef recommends me to eat 1550 calories a day and mfp says 1240, its so different but im doing 1475 now as lost 5lbs first week, but you will know how much to eat, as you lose weight you drop calories down :D
Good luck, hon - we're the same height but you're a couple of stone lighter than I was when I started on here and MFP. I'd definitely recommend starting off on the 1,700 that MFP tells you, so you've got plenty of room for gradual reduction. Certainly work out your BMR and don't eat any less than that figure. You can do this! :) xx
Thanks Ladies. Had a good few days but then went to a bbq and over did it on the carbs! Back on it today, has anyone tried the aloe vera cleanse? Forbes I think it's called? I met a lady at the weekend who lost over a stone doing it for a week. Considering it as a kick start! Hope everyone had fun in the sun....that reminds me...all of a sudden everyone is wearing less clothes and I am still thinking of ways to cover my arms and legs! Not fun!

Hope everyone had fun in the sun....that reminds me...all of a sudden everyone is wearing less clothes and I am still thinking of ways to cover my arms and legs! Not fun!


Im right there with you hun, i had jogging bottoms but did wear a vest top all weekend so nope its not just you, you will get there soon, and i had a bad few days hence not logging on here but have drew a line and looking forward for this week, good luck hun xx
Hi you ladies on here have made my mind up cc from tomorrow for me too I have come to realise after trying most diets that it's the only way forward for me .
So having a strange week, not really lost anything and been super good.

I have got some favourites I would like to share-
Tyrells Popcorn mini bags 60 cals- sweet and salty, salty and cheese flavour- great for filling a gap
Pink and White Wafers 50 cals each great for something sweet

I have been having warburtons square wraps for breakfast with bacon and a poached egg all for under 400 cals, infact these square wraps are pretty good I had one for lunch with wafer thin ham and a bit of mayo for under 230.

I have discovered weight watchers tai green curry tastes lovely and I added some sweet potato chips for a meal under 600 cals.

I made a warburtons square pizza too with tomato puree, handful of cheese and some chopped chicken and ham for under 350 cals.

Will be back soon with some progress hopefully ;/ x