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So scared of changing to SW

I've been persevering with WW pro points all year and am getting nowhere, mainly because I now hate counting (never thought I'd say that since I have counted for 10 yrs) and I am not using my points sensibly, getting hungry and then having days off plan.

So I have come to the conclusion that I should try slimming world again (I have tried it briefly in the past). I desperately want to lose abouit 2.5 stone and want to lose at least 1.5 stone for my fab holiday in Sept.

But I am so scared of trying something new, of being hungry or just eating too much - the hunger bit scares me the most as I think I will eat less rather than more to make sure I don;t eat too much (if that makes sense?).

Am planning of doing red and green days - mainly green. I guess the idea is to have plenty of superfree and free foods around?

Any tips for a newbie (will be doing it online if I pluck up the courage tomorrow) would be most welcome.

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Hi Juliet, I followed WW on and off for years and although it worked for a time I found the same about using points for silly things and being hungry! I finally plucked up the courage to join SW beginning of feb this year and it's the best thing I did (I am also 1.5 stone lighter) only bits of advice I can give is forget everything you previously learnt on WW (hard I know but you really have to) and trust SW...
Eat until you are satisfied not uncomfortably full, although things such as mullerlights are free be careful how many you eat as they still have calories (1-2 a day is fine), make sure you have your healthy extras & at least 5 syns a day and that's about it
Enjoy it & good luck - we are all here if you need help with anything x


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I have done WW and Rosemary Conley and I'm now on SW. The biggest difference for me is that I am not hungry. If I want a snack between meals then I go for a mullerlight yogurt or some superfree foods like cherry tomatoes or some veggie sticks.

There is still a bit of counting eg your 5-15 syns but that is all. I haven't tried red or green days because extra easy is working so well for me. I have been a member for 2 weeks and I have lost 9.5lbs already.

Good luck

Cat x


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When i first tried SW i was so worried that by eating as much of the free foods as i wanted wouldn't allow me to lose any weight! Having been a calorie counter i couldn't believe you could eat so much and still lose - so for the first week i tested the 'eat all you want' theory to the limit! And i lost weight!
You have to forget everything you 'think' you know about dieting and losing weight and put your faith in the plan. Eat ALL the free foods you want, make sure you're making the most of your healthy extras AND have some syns. Drink plenty of water too! You WILL lose weight and you WON'T be hungry! xx


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Eat free food until you are full, you do have learn to recognise when you full but you never have to go hungry and it really does work! Wishing you lots of luck :)


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Just to reinforce all thats already been said. Forget everything about ww and focus on doing sw 100%.


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i've just changed from ww to sw. much prefer sw!!!
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hi ya love, think we have all been there! ww then sw i even did lighter life , lost 3 stone and within a year back to where i was!! like everyone says forget about every other diet you have ever done! this is a life style change, not so much a diet! although weight loss is fab! its healthy, and unlike ww where you can spen all your points on chocolate, sw encourages you to eat fruit and veg, lean meat, fish pasta ect! although have had my up s and downs on it i love it! and it works!!!! good luck with it.xxx
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Just got to reiterate everything everyone says about S W. Never hungry - check - still have a few naughty things everday - check - no weighing or measuring generally exept 2 healthy extras every day - check - fill up on loads of unlimited superfree veg and fruit - check - amazing weight loss - check!!!! It is wonderful, well we all think so. You wont be disappointed I am sure! Enjoy


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I too did ww for years. Now I much prefer SW but am glad I've done WW as it really teaches you about portion control
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I always find that green days keep me quite full and you don't need to worry about the superfree with green days (so i've been told) but I love fruit and veg so incorporate it anyway.

As long as you read through the books and get your head around it you'll be absolutely fine! It's what the forums are for too if you need any help :)

Good luck!!!


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...what everyone else says!!! I can add nothing else.

I haven't followed a particular diet over the years but lost 7 stone about 6-7 years ago calories counting. OMG - It makes you a food nazi! - Can't have that - Don't have enough cals left to have that - Shouldn't have that cos it's bad for me.

I've never done SW before and knew nothing about it. It sounded daft frankly. How the bloody hell can you eat that much without losing weight? But yet - loads of people do it and are really successful at it. Mmmm. I'll give it a try for a week - what's the worse that can happen - I put weight on.

Well I've only been doing it two weeks - over my birthday and Easter - and still lost 7lbs.

What I've learned

- It's really difficult not to count when you're so used to it - but don't it doesn't matter (unless for HeAs and HeBs)
- I can make really good food choices in between meal because I'm just not all that hungry.
- My skin is glowing
- I feel better than I have felt in a long long time.
- I was frightened about the feeling full but - because I'm mega compulsive - but it's really not an issue.
- It's fab eating so much good food and the recipes are great
- I sometimes for get to eat!!

Give it a go. What's the worse that can happen?!!!

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I have tried most diets particularly the ones mentioned for the last 15 years. SW is the only plan that is healthy well balanced and I am not hungry on it is also flexible and can fit around social events. Especially now extra easy involved. It is my first choice plan I am switching to after cambridge (needed a quick boost). WW in my opinion keep changing their plan I have done it 3 times every one was different and it changed once whilst on it. The trouble with the points is I could live on covenience packets and still choose unhealthily eating a pack of WW cakes in my points! What does that teach me??? No its SW for me every time and will bemy maintiner. Good luck when you switch.

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