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so so cold

:confused:This is a strange feeling as i never feel the cold, not even when i was on the CD in 2006. This is my 9th day and i have lost 8lbs. This is my 2nd day of drinking water as i have been drinking sugar free squash as i cant drink the tap water in the village i live in as it comes out the tap like that andrews stuff you can buy for upset stomachs. I brought a Brita filter jug and the water taste so much better so i'm able to drink it now. I hate feeling cold, how long will this last
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Hee Hee its the ketosis i am cold too especially my feet. GOne back to boots and socks today and had the warm blowers on them in the car today Brrr Brrr. I don't know how long it will last but Good Luck hon x


plodding away
When I first tried a vlcd I only did 10 days and felt cold every day once ketosis had kicked in. It couldnt have been too bad cos am restarting Saturday - given the choice I'd rather be cold than fat!

It might help with the hot flushes I'm getting - maybe cool me down.

I have decided after only losing 1 lb in a week calorie counting to start again on a vlcd - gonna try sole source for a week but may have to add a high protein meal in evening ...... have to see how the hunger goes. Maybe we can help support each other as we are in early days......I'm starting today - please let me know how you are all finding it and what is motivating you - Xmas??
I get very cold - particularly my nose and my hands. Strangely my right hand is always much coler than the left!

I always find the first 4 days to be difficult and then you get used to is - although I did replace a shake on Friday with a low cal/low carb meal.

I'm motivated by having more confidence (I don't have any right now :-() and being more respected, and not being seen as a joke any more.
Hi Born to Fly - after 4 days it gets easier??? Hope so.......actually am not feeling hungry at mo - felt starving earlier and it seems to have passed (for now!!!) I have managed a week of sole source and intend to try and go a bit longer this time .......my motivation is knowing that I can lose half a stone this week if I keep to it - my sister lost 3 stone on Lipotrim and stuck to her shakes/bars for about 10 weeks WOW!!!
I am motivated by so many things don't know where to start - feeling better about myself is a big one......have been poorly which caused me to feel very low (have never ever been like this before and never thought I would - Big shock). I know that losing weight will make me feel more energised and healthier along with wanting to look great!
Good luck and at least we're not alone in living on shakes!!
I find I am cold now, but as vakwi says "i'd rather be cold than fat" :) I'm on shakes/bar only and just starting my second week, hope to going as long as possible before moving up to including a meal but I am not going to put any pressure on myself as I don't want to feel like I've failed and then throw the towel in if I do need to move up the steps.
ahh thanks dm, i was really really pleased! I am hungry today (wasn't yesterday) so such a good loss is keeping me focused. What vlcd are you following? Good luck with day one, the first 3-4 days were the hardest for me so hang in there, drink loads of water and get on here often for support x
Thanks I have a mixture of cambridge diet shakes and some i bought on Avidlite - I have managed a week of cd before !!! Unfortunately where i live is quite remote and is difficult to see a counsellor - so this is my counsellor!!! Avidlite do provide a great choice of flavours & bars too.....but am going to try just shakes for this first week and see how I go...trying not to put a timescale on as I always end up feeling terrible when I fail - just going to aim for one day at a time & gallons of water!!!
Dextersmum - if you live in a place which is remote or far from a CD, you might want to try Exante as it can be ordered online and it is a total solution. Price is very similar to CD. The products also taste less chemically - so you might want to take a look.

Well I've always been a yoyoer, but now in the next year or so I'm finally hoping toget a proper job as a flying instructor and need to confident for that. I definately feel more energised now and my mood is better than normal which must be down to ketosis!

Yes, it is nice to know that we are not alone. Today is my ma's birthday and I can't even have a bit of cake or a drink, but never mind, hopefully just 3 more weeks of SSing and then can introduce some real food :)
What motivates me is many things,
1 Doing it for me

2 Enjoying quility time with my 5yr old daughter

3 If i loose weight my arthritis in my back wont be so painful therefor less painkillers and steriod injections in my back

4 My horse!! i havent ridden him for 6yrs as i feel its not fair to make him carry a 13st 11lb person, when i get down to 10st 7lbs i will start again, as he stays in my mums field all i do atm is ground work with him

many more but the last is my long term goal
Hi all

What motivated me is I want to like what I see in the mirror and to be a healthy weight. Would be great not to be the fattest person in the room too.

At the mo just getting out of the obese category would be fine - the joy of being only overweight is yet to come.

I'm taking it one day at a time and trying not to put too much pressure on myself. Am trying to ss but if I feel the need will add a low carb meal.

I have been so very very cold too & I never feel the cold (usually a t shirt in the snow type!) Basically been found under various fleece blankets/duvets & in pjs/jumpers/socks as much as possible this week. I know it's getting colder outside, but I watch people go past in t shirts while I'm bundled up like an inflated Michelin man, it's bizarre.
Motivations-I want to be healthy, learn to ski, ride again & have a baby. :D [not necessarily in that order!]
Borntofly - was gonna short your name to BTF but reminded me of BFG (Big Friendly Giant!!) and didn't like the BIG word!!!.:8855:

Thanks for telling me about Exante as noticed a few people are using this method and didn't realise it was an on-line version of CD (shall definitely look this up! :character00148:

Love the motivations - fly instructor - BIG WOW :wow:that reason makes it worth the deprivation and just look how well you have done.

Sorry that you have to miss out on cake/drink at your mum's Bday but when you say only 3 wks left on ss that is noooo time (I tell myself I know what cake tastes like - love baking so have tasted enough!!!:birthday:)

Jo125 - it's great reading everyone's motivations......we're all very similar when it comes to health & looks.:character00116: I used to have my own horse and would love to ride again too but you're right - any horse would run a mile if they saw me coming (or it would have to be a carthorse!!!) Does your daughter like horses too - has she got a pony?:princess:

Vakwi & Maxi - Hi there :welcome: I too am trying just 1 day at a time & survived yesterday :angeldevil:.......my first day without proper food and I am still alive :party0049:!!! Feel soo motivated and am doing this for me .....managed fine by keeping busy (did think about food loads :eatdrink051::eatdrink051:but I like it!!!
Bye for now xxxx
Hi all

I've been doing ok day 4 for me. Days 1 & 3 went well, sole sources with little problems. Had a slip up on day 2 when I fell into the chinese take away. One curry and rice later wished I hadnt eaten it so back to the grindstone yesterday.

Will prob be adding alow carb meal in the evenings for the next few days as my partner is coming to stay for a few days and would love to share one meal a day. Intend to go back to sole sorcing after he goes home.

Hope everyone has a good day.

hi vanda, good attitude to have, all to often i have slipped up on a diet and then just thought oh well and gone on a right bender, eating everything in sight! This time round i am being a bit more gentle with myself and if i do have slip ps along the way i'm not going to stress about them, just get back on the wagon the next day :)
Hi Vakwi and Blue Moon - I agree just take one day at a time......on diets it's so easy to just blow it when you have one slip up....we're only human!!!
Just had another drink of water.......and been for another wee!!!
Keep going everyone we can do thisxx
Yes - keep drinking the water! I sit miles away from the loos in work so it's annoying having to pee every 30 mins lol. Still I guess it gets me up of my feet and exercising a little bit lol :)
dextersmum - my daughter doesnt have a pony but she goes riding every two weeks (nanny takes her) my horse is a strong old welsh cob so he could take me but i feel its not fair, i have a pony that i rescued who was beaten and staved, i saved her life over 7yrs ago but her memorys of the abuse is far to strong as i still cant even stroke her!!!! but last month she started eating outta my hands and i can now stand right next to her within inches away, but she is unpridictable. Every trainer has said to put her to rest, she is a danger but she is a happy girl being a companion for my horse just playing in her field. I just say she isnt nasty, she is just misunderstood!

But i will get on thunder again, i had all the tack out polishing it with leather soap and leather saddle polish, OMG that was a work out and a half took me 3hrs!!!! lol
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